Bill Nye Had To Make Another Mask PSA Because People Still Don't Get It

by Julie Scagell
Bill Nye/TikTok

The Science Guy is back to offer another lesson on mask wearing

It’s absurd the “mask debate” continues this far into a global pandemic even though nearly every member of the scientific and medical community has agreed they help fight the spread of the coronavirus. Still, here we are. National treasure Bill Nye reappeared on TikTok this week to try, yet again, to show people who still believe that masks are ineffective that they are, in fact, wrong.

Conspiracy theorists continue to make false claims about carbon dioxide and masks “not working,” and still struggle to conceptualize that you don’t wear a mask to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19, you wear a mask to protect the people around you. Conspiracy theorists also love to claim that the virus particles can pass through the fibers in the mask, which is — again — not true. But Bill Nye will not go quietly and he’s back with another video to help prove their effectiveness.

Bill Nye the Science Guy posted another TikTok video about face coverings that should be mandatory for everyone to watch. He starts out by holding up a map that shows where masks are being worn in the U.S. and where they aren’t and, surprising to no one with common sense, the people getting the sickest are in areas with fewer mask-wearers.

He also addressed the theory that spit and mucus can travel through masks by showing how it actually gets trapped in the fibers of the mask rather than traveling through it.

As the pandemic rages on in the U.S., 14.4 million people have contracted the virus and almost 280,000 people have died, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.

Still, wearing a mask continues to be a political statement after Trump and his administration downplayed the effectiveness and flat out refused to wear them in public. People have complained they are too constrictive, too hot, don’t work, and that they violate their basic human rights. These are the same people who bitch that schools aren’t open and youth sports can’t be played. Do you think if everyone followed the CDC guidelines and wore a damn mask we’d be over this pandemic sooner and could actually resume normal activities?

Speaking of following rules and guidelines, Nye also touched on this in his video. He explained that even though we pay taxes for the entire road, we can only drive on one side at a time otherwise we would all crash into each other. Sometimes, rules are meant to protect and save us from potential harm — and from each other.

The bottom line from Nye and So Many Other Experts is that masks work by helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Put one on when you are around other people and quit your bitching. End of story.