Blake Lively Is Every Mom Who Has 'No Chill' While Christmas Shopping

by Christina Marfice
ECP/GC Images/Getty

Blake Lively shared a hilarious update on Christmas shopping for her kids, admitting that she has “no chill” when it comes to getting the best gifts

Every mom knows the struggle of trying to find the perfect gift for each of their kids. First there’s figuring out what that gift should even be, amid a sea of TV commercials, YouTube ads, product placement in kid’s shows, and more. And then there’s actually going out and finding the gift you’ve decided on, which, in the era of supply chain disruptions, can be quite the challenge. Luckily, today’s parents grew up in the years when store aisle brawls over the year’s hottest holiday toy were just like, part of the Christmas experience, so we’re well-prepared for this. And no one is channeling that energy right now as well as Blake Lively.

Lively shares three daughters — 6-year-old James, 5-year-old Inez, and 2-year-old Betty — with husband Ryan Reynolds. So to say that the 34-year-old actress understands the pressure of securing the perfect holiday gifts might be an understatement. But on her Instagram stories this week, Lively proved that she’s here to chew gum and get her hands on the hottest presents of 2021, and she’s all outta gum.

“Ruh roh,” she wrote on top of a photo that showed her, with a serious game face on, in front of a “Dollidays” promotional poster at the American Girls Doll store, a place we all know can get pretty rough-and-tumble around Christmastime. “Mrs Claus is on the prowl.”

Lively added, “And I was raised when people fought over tickle me Elmo’s and Furbys and camped out for Beanie Babies. So please be warned @AmericanGirlBrand I have no chill. Lock your doors. Hide Samantha. [Poop emoji]’s about to get crazy.”

The toy crazes Lively references in her post are some of the craziest (most traumatic?) for people of the correct age to remember them — Tickle Me Elmo sparked a massive shopping rush in 1996, and American Girl’s Samantha doll, discontinued in 2009 and reintroduced in 2014, has always been a very popular, very saught-after favorite. In fact, an original Samantha doll with all of her accessories hit Ebay earlier this year for a very chill $11,000.

Luckily, Lively shouldn’t have to drop that kind of dough at the American Girl store. And considering there’s still more than a week until Christmas, she’s not as last-minute as a lot of the desperation-fueled shoppers who might have shown up at American Girl ready to throw down. Here’s hoping she found the perfect gifts and made it home with plenty of time to get them wrapped and under the tree.