From The Confessional: I'm Blocking My 'Pandemic Is A Hoax' Family On Social Media

by Cassandra Stone
I'm Blocking My 'Pandemic Is A Hoax' Family On Social Media

It’s utterly impossible to ignore pandemic deniers — even when they’re your own family members. BYE.

The conspiracy theories, memes, opinions, and total misinformation about the pandemic is spreading like a pandemic of its own. The bottom line is that COVID-19 is real. Very real. Real enough to have killed over 200,000 people in the U.S. alone, and given thousands of survivors a lifetime of chronic health problems.

So what do you do when you’re related to these “COVID is a hoax” jerks? Well, if you’re like these people, you block them. Bye-bye. DONE. SEE YA. CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

So sad but not surprised that my sister is a conspiracy believer and thinks covid is a hoax.

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My husband thinking the coronavirus is a hoax is making me hate being around him. All respect gone for this moron.

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I have no shame deleting “friends from social media who STILL support Trump. Not sure if I should be more concerned that you don’t know the horrible things he is involved in OR that you just don’t care. BYE”

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Unfriending people in 2020 is the energy we need to sally forth on this horrible year. Sure, things are terrible, but honestly — so many of these toxic systems that are blowing up right now have always been bad, the pandemic is just now lifting the veil on them.

If your siblings, parents, distant relatives, and even “friends” are constantly posting in support of Trump, Q-anon b.s., dangerous misinformation, anti-vaxx lies, or just simply downplays the virus that has caused a mass loss of life globally — welp, go on and unfriend them. Free yourself from having to look at their crap.

New policy... any person who posts anti-vaccine bullshit or climate change denials gets unfriended from Facebook immediately. If evidence based science can’t convince you I’m not gonna waste my time.

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H became a conspiracy theorist and went extreme politically. I’m a progressive. 20+ yrs of marriage and two kids, now separated. He refuses to wear a mask & posts all on fb, always out and about. Can’t keep my kids or myself safe. Why can’t he get it?

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If anyone on my Facebook page posts anything hateful or any conspiracy theories, they are unfriended. Out of dozens of friends, less than half are left.

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Beyond unfriending, there’s always reporting. Misinformation during a pandemic is dangerous and poses a real threat to public health. Some of these people don’t waste a second hitting that “report” button!

Don't mind me, I'm just over here reporting all of my ex-sister-in-law's conspiracy theory posts. Shut down her FB already! She's gone completely mental!

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I hope my stupid, perpetually uninformed, conspiracy believing, mask hating, vaccine opposing neighbor gets sick and shuts the fuck up.

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I report antivax posts on a Facebook as false news because they are just that ridiculous

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Some of my friends have become conspiracy nuts during this... and it's making me change my perspective... On them!

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You know that heavy, stressful burden of reading the “COVID is a hoax” garbage? It’s mentally draining, rage-inducing, and just depressing AF. Think about the instant relief you’d feel if you…simply never had to read that person’s point of view ever again.

My brother buys into every single wild-ass conspiracy theory he's ever encountered. I'd say it's all so embarrassing and tiresome but, if he heard that, he'd respond "That's because they WANT you to think that!"

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Mom has always been susceptible to cults. She's joined the Trump-cult. She thinks she's smart, but has proven otherwise by believing nonsensical conspiracy theories. Cannot have a real conversation with this kind of gullible. Sad. Ruined our relationship.

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My MIL continues to get annoyed with us because we are living like we are in a pandemic. She hangs out with everyone under the sun with no social distancing or masks. Her other kids are going to indoor, crowded places. She can honestly go fuck herself.

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Is it easy to see people you once loved and respected go down the tinfoil hat road? Of course not. But for some people, enough is enough. Snip, snip. You gotta go. It’s too much.

The pandemic turned my friend into a QAnon believing quack so I had to let her go.

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