From The Confessional: It's Actually Not OK, Boomer

by Team Scary Mommy
Scary Mommy and Tara Moore/Getty

Do you think Boomers know how much they’ve ruined shit for us? How much their entitlement and lack of concern for the environment and “pull yourself up by the bootstraps!” and “No one deserves a handout!” mentality have actually fucked over the world?

Their toxic MAGA/Fox News/”Own the libs!” stubborn mindset sure sucks all the life and joy and optimism out of the room, doesn’t it? I mean, nothing is worse than having to sit across from your Uncle Carl on Thanksgiving and hear his back-asswards archaic views on how “no one wants to work hard anymore” even though he has never worked beyond a 40-hour work week and is waited on like a king at home, yet everyone you know between 20 and 40 is working like 80 hours a week and can do their own fucking laundry.

But sure, UNCLE CARL, who has literally never washed a dish in your life, go on. [eye roll forever]

So yeah, we Gen-Xers and Millennials are all set with the Boomers, their misogyny, their judgment, and their expectation that a black and white 1950s TV show dream is still the reality in this country. All. Fucking. Set.

My Boomer in-laws were selfish, self-involved conservatives who did not give a fuck about the environment, women's rights, or poor people when they were in their mid-40s. I'm in my mid-40s. Still not a selfish douche.

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MIL's a typical boomer, male identified, internalized misogynist. She raised her sons to be shitty to middling Hs. I've avoided MIL for 20 years, b/c I don't put myself in situations that won't end well, w/ me in jail for punching an old lady in the face.

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FIL made sure DH was last to know about his recent medical scare. Selfish old Boomers trying to play power games are the worst.

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Having in-laws in general can be hard enough, but when they are selfish, entitled Boomers on top of it? It’s the stuff of nightmares.

i am ok w/road trips to see the sights but i hate going to see relatives. it weighs on me anticipating the hateful words, judgement, and criticism. after this trip, i will avoid going again. tired of hateful baby boomer mother.

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mother is currently trying to manipulate family members via fake emergencies. sister who lives near her refused to indulge her. she knows i will not plus i live too far. her baby boomer selfishness is coming home to roost. she refuses mental health care.

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My parents are rich and didn’t pay for my college. I made a lot of bad choices to try to survive to pay for school while being a single mom. I will never ever do that to my kids. Baby boomers are selfish

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My rich entitled boomer parents aren't getting anymore gifts from me. I can't stand them. They're awful.

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And it’s not just our in-laws. Our own parents are Boomers too—stuck in their ways, causing unnecessary drama, and making our lives more difficult. Boomers are the literal worst, even the ones we are related to.

To my rich uncle who inherited all his $ and who told me with my degree in Arts & Humanities I would never get a job outside the family business: here I am making six figures and I just paid off my student debt with my huge bonus. Bye, Boomer!

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Today I was grocery shopping- cart was pretty full because we have teens that eat non stop- & some old white man randomly yells to me "Your poor husband is going to go broke if you keep shopping like that!!" WTF?!? EAT SHIT & DIE BOOMER!

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I don't care about the whole "boomers are so entitled" blah blah argument. I think we should focus on the actual worst thing boomers did - raise a generation of insufferable manchildren who expect their wives to be their maids. Fuck you boomers, for that.

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Seriously, screw you. We will continue to prove you wrong, raise kind kids who know the value in lifting each other up and treating women equally, and you can continue to fester in your bitterness and hate.

Gen Xer here. 99% of Boomers are selfish trash. I know "not all Boomers," but the vast majority? TRASH.

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The generation called "The Me Generation," whose bumper sticker was "The one who dies w/ the most toys wins," that elected Reagan twice & has driven the planet to climate collapse is calling US "entitled & ungrateful." Fuck the Baby Boomers. ALL of them.

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I'm an attorney who is at a point where I can choose my clients rather than the other way around. If a boomer comes in, I refer them to junior attorneys. Not dealing with that entitlement anymore.

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Boomers who call younger generations “entitled” and “ungrateful” are hypocritical trash. The end.

I wish Boomers would get off social media.

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I think shaming people who hire landscapers instead of mowing their own lawn is bizarre. Why would anyone care? Equating doing your own yardwork with personal virtue, or fitness for homeownership, seems like a real boomer thing.

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H and I are Gen X, have a small home in a nice middle-class sub. Neighborhood is half friendly young couples w/kids, and half mean-spirited Boomers. We don’t quite fit in, the forgotten generation, still stuck between youth and death. Fuck I miss the 90s…

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They ruin the neighborhood (and social media) with their “get off my lawn!” anger and idiotic rants about shit that is literally none of their business.

Boomers are the fucking WORST. I've never seen a group of more brainwashed-by-Fox-News people in my life, EVER. I'll lake any other generation over Boomers. ANY.

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In 2.5 presidential administrations I've gone from hardcore VBNMW Democrat to "capitalism but nicer," to "democratic socialist," to FULL socialist to burnthisshitdownandstartthefuckover. Whoever said that age makes you more conservative must be a Boomer.

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Why are my boomer parents so fucking terrible with their Maga conspiracy bullshit?!? It's enraging, and they're going to die and leave a wrecked democracy and ruined planet for their kids and grandkids. Why can't they see the reality?!?

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OMG if they could PLEASE climb out of the Fox News black hole and actually see how easily they’re being duped, or, at the very least, stop voting for asshat politicians, that’d be great.

toxic baby boomer mom nearly ruined my morning. 45 min on the phone listening to her shit. then went out w/ds to walk and salvaged my day. wish she would just go. no pain/suffering. just go please. we need the $ and the freedom from her.

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I don't know a single boomer who isn't racist, homophobic, ignorant, and selfish. I'm sure they exist but as a whole, the world will be better off when they finally all die off

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the thought of seeing mother fills me w/dread. she is a miserable baby boomer who needs attention from anyone all the time. she is self absorbed. glad i live thousands of miles away. when will the miserable boomers be gone???

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Yes, it’s a morbid thought, but we know they aren’t going to change. So the best case scenario is to think about how much better the world will be when the sexist, racist, and homophobic views of the Boomer generation die out.

Listen, are there good, kind, open-minded people from our parents’ generation who actually know that Donald Trump is a crazed narcissist and that women belong in fields like IT just as much as men? Sure. And it sucks for them to be looped into such a negative stereotype. But there are just so many asshole Boomers out there who are dead-set on making things shitty for every generation after them.

And it’s because of the bad ones that we say “OK, Boomer” and count the days until their archaic Archie Bunker-era beliefs die off.