Test Asks Boy To Explain How He Arrived At A Math Answer. Hilarity Ensues

by Maria Guido
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There have been so many articles lately griping about Common Core. Many of the gripes have to do with questioning why it’s necessary to prove that an answer is right — isn’t a right answer good enough?

One child was asked a simple math question:

Bobby has four dimes. Amy has 30 pennies. Which child has more money?

The child answered correctly, “Bobby.” He was then asked, “How do you know? Show your thinking.”

Here’s his answer:

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this kid’s answer to the “Show your thinking” question that drives us all crazy. This answer is creative. It’s outside the box. Any parent would be proud of this, right? My favorite part is how he drew himself in the likeness of E.T., looking incredibly sad.

Kudos, kid. These questions annoy everyone.

A Reddit user named Fiona posted this assignment on the social media platform this week with this caption: “This is why my son is going places.” I love this woman and her kid. She told The Huffington Post, “I think he just took the question quite literally! We explained to him why it was so funny and now he really gets it!”

The best thing about this? His teacher gave him full credit for his answer. “He received an enthusiastic 100 percent complete with the word ‘wow!'” Fiona told HuffPost. “His teacher is exceptional! She encourages creativity and thinking outside the box at every opportunity!” Awesome.

Last week the assignment making the rounds was this worksheet, in case you missed the mindf&*! that is Common Core math:

Show us your thinking, kids. Does 5+5+5 equal 15, or does 3+3+3+3+3 equal 15? There’s a right answer here, kids. Explain. Why are you banging your head against a wall, little Jenny? What’s the matter?

Poor kids.

Kudos to Fiona’s son’s teacher for having a sense of humor and an appreciation for creative thinking.

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