Josh Varozza Went Viral For His 'Dudeoir' Shoot, Now He Has His Own TV Show

by Kristine Cannon
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With Josh Varozza as host, ‘Breaking Beauty’ celebrates individuals who love the skin they’re in

Let’s rewind to 2016. Sure, this was the year Trump would start his first — and only — term as president, but this was also the year that Josh Varozza was introduced to our lives. The name doesn’t sound familiar? Then maybe photos of Varozza will:

Artistic Photography by Tami

That’s right, Varozza was one of many dudes who would take part in the ever-trendy dudeoir photoshoots. Though, we’d argue his was the best one. (Yes, even better than award-winning photographer Masika Allan’s dudeoir shoots). I mean, just look at the way Varozza sensually pours that bucket of water onto his overalled self. And the way he licks his sugar-coated finger? Get TF outta here. Now, we might’ve thought this was the last we’d hear — nay, see — of Varozza, but, boy, were we wrong. In fact, Varozza is back and more inspiring than ever with his new show, Breaking Beauty.

“I never thought something as silly and fun as the dudeoir calendar would give me this kind of opportunity to meet beautiful people who have unique passions like mine — to be comfortable in your own skin,” Varozza tells Scary Mommy of securing his own TV show. The first person he called when he was offered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? “My wife, Tami, of course! Then my mom and dad.”

Launching Nov. 19 on Crackle, Breaking Beauty is a seven-part series that follows the viral sensation-turned-TV-show-host as he travels the country and redefines the meaning of beauty.

Varozza shot over a four-month period, from October 2019 through January of this year, and met up with people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions in cities such as New Orleans, New York City, San Diego, Minneapolis, and more. But while the characters may change from episode to episode, the message of Breaking Beauty remains the same.

“My hope is for viewers to watch Breaking Beauty and be motivated to become more accepting and inclusive,” Varozza says. “You should never judge someone by what they look like and what they do, but rather by the passion they bring to what they love, no matter what it is. It’s what makes them special on the inside.”

According to the emailed release, the series breaks down boundaries of conventional beauty and celebrates individuals who love the skin they’re in — and we can’t think of a better host for it than Varozza.

“I really hope that this show not only brings people to the couch to see beauty in a whole new way, but also encourage people to try new things, step out of there box and be the person they really want to be,” Varozza stresses. “I just want everyone to watch this show to meet new people that are having so much fun, just being who they want to be!”

One of the most challenges moments of filming the show, Varozza recalls, was at the Big Apple Circus, where he tried his hand at the Wheel of Death, as well as rode horses and attempted hand-to-hand acrobatics.

“It was also tough working out with John Turk, a famous fitness model and the real Mortal Combat character in the video games,” Varozza adds. “He kicked my butt!”

The most rewarding, most memorable moment he had while filming, however, was while on stage at the House of Blues. There, a crowd of more than 500 people watched him strip down as a burlesque dancer.


Photo: Tomas H Orihuela Jr / www.tomasorihuela.com

“It was impactful being out with Santa Larry in Minneapolis and at the Mall of America just seeing so many beautiful families looking for holiday happiness — and me, with Santa, making them all smile,” Varozza adds. “Being an elf was awesome.”

According to Crackle Plus President Philippe Guelton, the company was “thrilled” to add Breaking Beauty to their ever-growing slate of original programming.

“Josh Varozza’s fun and inspiring series breaks down conventional beauty in a way that will uplift our audience with positivity, hope and laughter,” Guelton says in a prepared statement.

In the end, Varozza hopes audiences will embrace one very important message: “Be different, be beautiful, be you. That’s Breaking Beauty.”

Breaking Beauty premieres Nov. 19 on Crackle, available on its website, as well as Amazon FireTV, RokuTV, Apple TV, PS4, XBoxOne, and more.

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