Craig Takes To Reddit To Whine About Co-Worker Nursing Her Baby During Zoom Meetings

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To The A-Hole Who Is Uncomfortable With A Co-Worker Breastfeeding During A Zoom Meeting: I Have A Me...
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A lot of us are forced to work and live in new ways since the spread of COVID-19 has taken over our lives. Childcare is gone, and we now sit in front of our computers for meetings instead of at a long table or desk at our place of employment. That means family and work life are going to be mixing and mingling indefinitely, and there’s no way around it.

We are all doing the best we can. Moms, especially, are wearing all their hats at once. We don’t have a lot of room for assholes like the one who took to Reddit because he was upset his female coworker fed her baby during a company Zoom meeting.

“For work we have morning conference calls,” this jerk said. “These don’t require video even if you’re talking. One of our coworkers has a baby and she breastfeeds her baby while we are on a video call.”

Listen, Craig. “For work” this new mother is doing what the hell she wants because it’s her right to do so. Also, feeding your child isn’t the same as pinching off a load in the toilet or stroking your penis during a Zoom meeting, so you can chill the fuck out.

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His plea on Reddit continues as the self-proclaimed asshole (hey, at least he got something right) says he is aware babies need to eat (good job, moron, you get a gold star). But he goes on to complain that “she doesn’t mute her mic or turn off video. We don’t see the full boob but she doesn’t cover up. I asked her in a private message to shut off her video during the Zoom call and she was livid. I didn’t ask publicly, I asked in private. She told me it’s rude to talk with no video on and she has the right to feed her baby.”

Although it’s 2020, it sounds like some people still expect breastfeeding mothers to accommodate their personal preferences, even in the privacy of their own home, because somebody might see them and be offended.

Here’s an idea: How about you go through the meeting with your eyes shut? Or you take the time and energy to turn your camera off. I’m sure people would rather see a black square than look at your judgy eye holes as you squirm uncomfortably in your chair because a woman dares to nourish her hungry child.

It saddens me to say some people agreed with him, which makes me more upset about the world than I already am. Another woman had the audacity to say,”It’s not the fact that she’s breastfeeding that’s really the problem here, it’s the situation. For example, if I had a six-year-old, I would definitely bring them to the mall and give them some Cheez-Its. I would not bring my six-year-old to a work meeting, and if I had to I would ensure they had eaten first.”

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Okay Karen, you’ve obviously never had a child, so you don’t know they aren’t on a strict food schedule; they get hungry and want to eat whenever the fuck they want. Especially when they are nursing infants. I’m glad you think you solved the problem, but your comparison is seriously lacking. Nice try though.

Also, of course you wouldn’t bring your (imaginary) six-year-old to a work meeting under regular circumstances. Since you seem to be clueless, we are living in COVID-land and we can’t leave our homes. Childcare centers, schools, Grandma’s house are all closed down for the foreseeable future. We have no choice but to spread ourselves so thin that we feel like we are going to be split in two, but thanks for that knowledge. Now take your Cheez-Its and get your sanctimonious ass off my lawn.

Why are breastfeeding women still a topic people think they have the right to bitch about? It’s just like anything else; if you are scrolling through the television and see something you don’t wanna watch, you change the channel. If you are looking at social media and there’s an account that you don’t like, you can unfollow them. If a woman is breastfeeding her child in public, you do not have to freaking look at her.

However, if being a decent human being is your goal, you should keep your moronic comments to yourself and realize if you have a problem with a woman breastfeeding in public, you’re the one who has things to work out. It’s not affecting you in any way, shape, or form. Buck up. We know you can do it!

There’s countless other public situations in life where you would be presented with more ‘exposure’ of a woman’s body than this, and you wouldn’t say a word. So, check yourself, Craig, you bumbling douche lord.

This man would be a lot better off using his energy for more productive things (those work meetings, maybe?) instead of complaining on an online forum that a coworker is doing her job and being a badass mother at the same time. I mean, if he wants to spend this much time getting into her business, he should be applauding her for being fucking amazing.

I can only hope that the other perspectives he was offered during his pathetic whining has has clued him into the fact that mothers have many priorities. Feeding their children is probably number one on the list — making other people comfortable is not.

Mothers of the world be like: Tits out, we’re in the middle of a crisis and we’ve got shit to do.

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