Someone Bought And Made It A Resource For Assault Survivors

by Valerie Williams
Image via directs visitors to resources for sexual assault survivors

Brett Kavanaugh appears to have a few big character flaws — a hot temper, a penchant for lying outright, an entitled attitude, and apparently, zero knowledge of how the internet works in this, the year of our Lord 2018. A tiny, world wide web oversight on his part is proving to be a pretty delightful nugget in the wake of his hotly-contested Supreme Court appointment, because some wonderful soul bought his URL — and turned it into a resource for sexual assault survivors.

If you hit up, you won’t find any images of his creepy 1980s calendars or tales of his high school days spent with PJ, Tom, or even Squi. No flattering bio talking up his Yale education, illustrious legal career, or his life as a loving dad and husband. You’ll only find a list of resources for sexual assault survivors.

When Kavanaugh didn’t have the foresight to pick up his own URL, judicial reform organization Fix The Court did. Now, anyone checking out the newest SCOTUS justice’s domain name is directed to links for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, the End Rape on Campus organization and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).

“The start of Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure on the Supreme Court may look like a victory for one interest group or another. But, more importantly, it is putting a national focus on the issue of sexual assault – and how we as a country can and should do more to prevent it and to support those who have experienced it,” the homepage reads.

The organization acknowledges how many thousands of survivors came forward to tell their stories since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came out with allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh. “We applaud your bravery. We believe you,” they write.

The justice was sworn in this week despite several credible accusations of sexual assault against him and after what the F.B.I. themselves admits was a severely limited investigation into those claims.

Fix the Court Director Gabe Roth was the genius behind the idea, and as it turns out, he saw this coming long before most of us. “Three years ago, I bought a handful of URLs that I thought might be useful in any forthcoming Supreme Court confirmation battles,” he says in a statement. “Included were, .org and .net.”

“Today I am redirecting those three to a landing page with resources for victims of sexual assault,” he says. “I believe Dr. Ford. I believe Prof. Hill. I also believe that asking for forgiveness is a sign of maturity and strength, not weakness.”

Kavanaugh being confirmed is a hard pill to swallow for many of us, particularly victims of assault. But now that this conversation has started, there’s no reason it needs to stop — or that we need to leave his name out of it.