Brooklyn Decker Reveals The Very Personal Favor She Asked Her BFF After Giving Birth

Brooklyn Decker asked friend to look down there after she gave birth
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Brooklyn Decker might have the most loyal and unflinching best friend on the planet

There are favors we can only ask people close to us, like a partner or parent, and then there are favors that we can only ask one person: our best friend. What Brooklyn Decker asked her BFF to do after she had given birth to her first son falls under the latter category, and then some. The Grace and Frankie star, who is married to tennis player Andy Roddick, revealed on the podcast Me Becoming Mom that she had her bestie do some recon post-birth.

Yeah. You see where this is going?

“My best friend came that day [I gave birth to my son] and she at that point had not had children. And I’m like ‘Jen, I can’t look at [my vagina] because I think it’ll traumatize me forever but I need someone to take in what’s happening down there,’ ” she told host Zoë Ruderman.

“And I took her to the bathroom and I literally bent over and had my best friend just take a physical record of what was going on so someone could tell me what was happening. Because so many people had commented on like stitches and this and that,” Decker continued. We are in awe of Jen.

“And she’s like, ‘Okay, yep it’s seared in my brain. There’s a physical record.’ And yes, now she has to carry that with her the rest of her life. That’s friendship right there,” Decker said.

Decker also talked about the postpartum health complications she faced after the birth of her first child

The mother of two was also candid about the struggles she had during her postpartum recovery. Decker had some concerning blood clots and bleeding nipples after having her first child, son Hank, who is now 6.

“The clots started to come. And my mom, being a nurse, but not labor and delivery, was like, ‘This is in any other circumstance not normal,’ ” Decker recalled. “I’m seeing them in the toilet, I’m seeing them in the diaper mesh short pad ice pack situation that’s all layered under them. The nurse came in and saw them and she goes, ‘These are totally normal. If they get bigger than a golf ball, call me.'”

She also had issues with breastfeeding, which led to the bleeding.

“I remember when Hank was feeding once, and this was in the first week of being home with him, he pulled off my breast, and it was after a feeding, and he had blood dripping down his lip. I burst into tears because I’m like, ‘What have I done? What did I do to him? He’s gonna get sick,’ ” she said on the podcast.

“So I called his pediatrician and she’s like, ‘Honey, that’s totally normal, that’s totally fine. Your body’s learning how to do this,’ ” she recalls. “But again it’s one of those things wherein the moment, it is so painful you’re crying through it. And your baby comes off and there’s blood on their face because you’re bleeding onto them. And you think you’re causing all this harm and it’s a totally normal experience.”