Bryce Dallas Howard Talks ‘Dads’ And The Mental Load Of Motherhood | Scary Mommy

Bryce Dallas Howard Talks 'Dads' And The Mental Load Of Motherhood | Scary Mommy

by Team Scary Mommy
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Just in time for Father’s Day, Bryce Dallas Howard sat down with us at Scary Mommy Speaks to give us a sneak peak at her new movie, Dads. You may know Bryce’s dad, Ron Howard, so when she decided to talk to us about this documentary, we were all ears.

You probably recognize Bryce Dallas Howard for her roles in Jurassic Park, The Help, Spiderman 3 and more. This time, you’re going to know her for directing the movie, Dads. It’s a celebration of six extraordinary fathers from across the globe. You might recognize a few of these dads because they’re some of the most famous Hollywood dads like Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. We’ll get to hear about the joys and challenges of parenting straight from these dads.

In this interview, our Scary Mommy Speaks host, Ashley Hearon-Smith, gets down to business by asking Bryce a few questions about what being a Dad means today. Ashley and Bryce tackle questions about how moms still bear most of the mental load, whether fathers change enough diapers, how dads are being left out of the parenting conversation and the old stereotype of dads as being incompetent.

Bryce puts the role of dads in perspective by discussing the culture of fatherhood, how essential it is that there be depictions of fathers and mothers carrying equal loads and the importance of seeing it happen. According to Bryce, once you see it, it becomes a standard to hold, which is what the movie, Dads, is hoping to expose.

Don’t miss this interview and treat yourself to Dads – premieres globally on Apple TV+ on June 19, 2020.

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