41 Father's Day Gift Ideas, According To Moms In 2021

2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide— Only The Coolest Gifts For The Best DAD

June 11, 2019 Updated March 19, 2021

Father’s Day 2020

Oh dad. While he may not be the one homeschooling the kids (if he is, buy him everything he wants this year), he is dad. Keeping the kids out of your hair, getting them off of their screens to do every sort of outdoor activity under the sun, even teaching them how to play music— dad is there to teach the kiddos about life (or how to DIY organize your kitchen). Since Mother’s Day has just passed, it could only mean one thing— it’s his turn. While we hope that he accomplished his part of the bargain by making your Mother’s Day great (did you get the coffee gift set or wine delivery subscription you were hoping for?), you’re up at bat. The kids are looking to you (yes you) for a great Father’s Day surprise.

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Whether you’re looking for cool Father’s Day gifts for your own dad, partner, brother, or best guy friend, we’ve got gifts for techies, grillers, groomers, and even those sentimental dads (raise your hand if it’s a first Father’s Day!).

We’re bringing you our top gifts so that you can order ahead and give him a little somethin’ somethin’ to make him feel appreciated and loved. Finding a great gift for dad isn’t as hard as you think— we’ve done the heavy lifting so you won’t have to.

Gifts for the Dad in Need of Some Self-Care

Stitch Fix Personally Styled Outfits

Nothing says self-care more than “please learn how to dress”, right? Seriously, some of us are just sick of them not figuring this out by now. I mean we gave them the makeover before we committed to love each other for life (blah blah blah), and still we’re on this convo? Buy him a personalized box of clothes from Stitch Fix and you both win. He looks good and feels good and you can just sit back and enjoy the fact that he finally matches.

See there is a god and she made it possible for outfits to appear as often as you’d like. Try it once or buy a subscription. Just think— he’ll never have to have a panic attack inside Banana Republic again!


Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Being a dad is stressful and this handy device will work out the knots in his neck and back so you don’t have to. Heck, he might even let you use it, too!

This deep-kneading massager will relax his muscles, but his favorite part will be the adjustable heat function that feels so soothing. And you’ll love the price — it’s cheaper than the cost of one massage, plus this gift will keep on giving. Just don’t be surprised if he falls asleep on Father’s Day while testing out his new gift. Just remember, it’s his day.

With over 13,000 glowing reviews, there must be something magical about this massager. One five-star review went as far as to say this, “These guys are top notch, reliable little beasts. They should be distributed to everyone over 30. I think if used by enough people, they could end wars, mend marriages, and save humanity from itself.”


DUCKBUTTER Beard Oil Gift Set

If you know a daddy who takes pride in his beard, this is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. The set includes four different oils, a beard brush, and a wooden comb to transform his bushy beard into a work of art. “The oils are not goopy and chunky, they are sleek slick and smell fabulous,” one gift-giver writers on Amazon. “It’s also a really good variety of different scents for your man to choose from. The additional combs/brushes that come with it have proved to be quite helpful taming the Viking Beard.”

To complete your present, you can also gift him this cool beard shampoo which has over 1,000 rave reviews on Amazon. But be warned: his daily bathroom routine may take a little longer as he beautifies his beard.


Proraso Gino Vintage Shave Set

The  Proraso Vintage Gino Tin Gift Set is ideal for the gentleman who grooms on the reg. He’ll appreciate the nostalgic vibe of this collection, which is fitting since he has such classically good looks.

The included products are made with eucalyptus and menthol fragrance, which is super soothing for that delicate (but manly) facial skin. “The kits are a great value because Proraso includes full size items in all of them,” one customer reports. “This product feels wonderful on your skin. Even though my mug is sensitive, the green formula is very soothing.”


Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic Sunglasses

Whether the special dad you have in mind is your kid’s father or your own, he can channel his inner Maverick with a pair of ultra-sleek Ray-Ban Aviators. You can customize there for dad by choosing from multiple frame colors (gold, black, silver, etc) and then selecting just the lenses he’ll like. Mirrored? Check. Gradient? Love.

All dads need at least one quality pair of sunglasses, so these are totally practical, plus they’ll never go out of style. From toting toddlers into Target to putting balls on the green, he’ll rock these bestselling shades like the Tom Cruise that he is.


Tommy John Men's Second Skin Lounge Henley and Jogger Pants

This is one of those gifts that’s as much for you as for him, since we’re the ones that have to look at those ratty old jammies. Since these days PJ’s have turned into loungewear which are officially our WFH staples, think how much happier you’ll both be if he’s looking like this all day long. Now he may never have had loungewear like this (or even any loungewear) before, so he may feel a little fancy in his Second Skin matching set. It is Father’s Day, though, so it is well deserved.

The fabric is SO soft, lightweight and smooth to the touch. It washes great (yes, he’ll have to take it off eventually) and looks just nice “enough” in case a Zoom meeting happens. Pair it with the matching jogger pants and gift him his new WFH uniform. He may not want to put on real clothes ever again, but we can’t help you with everything.


Kyrgies Men's Felted Wool Slippers

Unlike slippers of yester-year, these Kyrgies are cool dad slippers. They are already a favorite mommy & me slipper around the house, but dad’s been feeling a little jealous! Kyrgies are made from 100% natural wool, and are handmade using a centuries-old felting technique. The leather soles are durable and are comfortable while providing grip. The “all naturals” style features a chrome-free leather suede sole built over a molded orthopedic last and include additional felt cushioning in the sole.

He’ll love them and you’ll be trying to snag them when you can’t find your own. Pick a color you’ll both enjoy. We’re partial to the plum, navy and spruce and equally love the low back and high back slip-on choices.


Bravo Sierra Father's Day Stay Clean Set

If you ever wondered how dad’s showers take 3 minutes compared to your 30, it’s because they wash with an all-in-one product! (And clearly they aren’t seeing the shower as an escape from the kids.)

This Father’s Day set features 2 solid cleansing bars (body wash, shampoo and conditioner all in one) and a mesh pouch which helps to enhance lather and provide an easy grip. Coming in scented or unscented, the coconut-derived formula includes shea butter and oat flour. Each bar is meant to last through 30-40 showers and is 100% biodegradable from packaging to product.

Bravo Sierra is the first military-native performance wellness company— all products are developed based on direct collaboration with a core community of over 1,000 U.S. active duty military service members. We love the message, and love the product. All the guys in your dad squad will, too.


ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

We’re not going to say that this gift is as much for you as it is for him— but it is. It’s for all of humanity. The ManGroomer is so he can groom himself. Everywhere. The ergonomic handle makes it so he can reach far down his back and clean up. The angled handle makes it easy to reach all the places, and there’s even a power burst for areas that need extra help. Did you even know man-grooming was a thing? We knew it should be, but we didn’t know products like this were so readily available. You can make one available to your SO in your very own bathroom. Or hopefully his own. or maybe a private corner of the yard.

There are almost 4,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. If this guy’s doesn’t tempt you, nothing will: “I thank all the glowing Amazon Reviews (people seemed to be literally in love with it) which prompted me to buy it. Yes!! The Love is Justified! This thing is AMAZING! First off, it’s very well made. Sturdy, masculine and dare I say, just sexy. It’s rechargeable but already came with a charge so I was able to immediately begin mowing my backyard.”


Gifts for the Dad Who Loves Being Outdoors

Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike

He’s been whining for years that he deserves— NEEDS— a new bike. Even though he’s got a few oldies hanging in the garage, it’s something new he needs. Right? Well then, we’ve got the answer. What if we encourage him to ride, yes, but, also to do the shopping while riding? We say that’s a win! (Now grab a glass of wine.)

This Envoy Cargo Bike by Mongoose is a commuter bike meant to carry cargo (which for us means groceries). There are two large cargo bags with large Velcro flaps, and if that’s not enough, he can use those bungee cords he got last Father’s Day to hold more stuff securely on top.

We checked in with an avid rider dad who said, ““The Envoy has given me more opportunities to ride my bike than ever before. Prior to purchasing a cargo bike, weekly errands had to be completed using my car but with the additional carrying capacity now on my bike, I can enjoy the outdoors while still taking care of the weekly to-do list. So far, I’ve used the cargo bike to pick up groceries, carry pizza boxes, haul picnic baskets, and transport my family to neighborhood bonfires. If you’re looking to add a little more adventure into the mundane tasks of daily living, then pick yourself up a cargo bike, you won’t regret it!”


Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

We can’t claim to understand the inherent desire some dads have for mowing lawns…but…we appreciate when they want to do it (so we don’t have to). This may be the year to give the lawn companybreak and let the hubs give it the try he’s been longing for.

This Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower is cordless— very important when choosing a mower— and comes with the battery. The 16 inch cutting deck is a great size for small to medium size yards. Also features a bag for grabbing all of the cut grass, something you’ll appreciate when you and your kids do not have to scoop up all the fresh cut grass. Now listen, this doesn’t come with a guide book, so first timers will need tips from the neighbors who already know how to do this, but we have learned one valuable lesson as home-owners— don’t mow first thing in the morning when the grass is wet with dew. You can pass that info along with the gift, or let him figure that our for himself.

With more than 1000 ratings on Amazon, we are taking cues from reviewers like Spencer who said, “After getting fed up with the high maintenance requirements of gas mowers and the hassle of using corded mowers, I finally sprung the $300 for this one. So far, it’s been fabulous.”


Legit Camping Double Hammock With Straps & Carabiners

Dad loves being outdoors. And whether it’s camping as a family or sans kids, he could just about live outside. Or maybe he’s not that outdoorsy, but needs to get away, even if it’s just to some dad-time in the yard. A hammock is a gift every dad can appreciate. This one even has space for 2, on the chance you can both escape the house for a few minutes of chill time.

This Legit Camping hammock, available in 8 colors, comes inside its own travel case and comes set with the nylon tree straps and carabiners needed for easy set-up anywhere.

One Amazon reviewer said, “Once we got to our campsite, it was the first thing I set up. Set up was super easy, even for a novice. The whole family enjoyed it all weekend. Over the course of our trip it held: me on my own (my favorite :)), me and my 2 children (swinging and moving), and me and my husband. It held up great, and was the last Thing we took down. I loved that everything fit in the bag, and it now hangs on my backpack so I’ll always have it with me. I suspect we’ll get a lot of use out of it!”


Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Sometimes we worry about dad more than he worries about himself. One mantra being, “drink more water”! Well, since he loves his gadgets, we’re combining the need for hydration with a smart device, that way he has to finally commit to daily water goals. This super cool water bottle, available in 5 colors actually glows when he needs a reminder to drink. The soft grip, BPA-free silicone bottle has a finger loop for carrying and fits in most cup holders or backpacks.

One satisfied customer who appreciates the tech component said, “Our family has a number of reusable water bottles from different brands, but this is by far our newest favorite! After my wife saw me use my water bottle just for a few days, she had to have one and we ordered her one as well. The simplicity, with which this water bottle tracks your water intake is perfect. You don’t have to even think about it – just fill up, drink, refill, repeat. The funny app reminder quotes are fun, like “don’t hate, hydrate” 🙂 Great product, great blend of health and technology. Love it!”


Thoughtful Gifts for Dads

Jeni's Top Sellers Ice Cream Collection

OK, here’s the deal. Ice cream is the best gift for every holiday. It doesn’t matter who you’re spending it with, everyone loves ice cream. The question is, have they tried Jeni’s? This Top Sellers Collection (also known as Jeni’s Essentials) ships with 5 deliciously unique pints.

Since you need the details, they are Brambleberry Crisp, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Darkest Chocolate, Gooey Butter Cake and Salty Caramel. If you’ve got a vegan or dairy free in the family— they’ve got options, too. We’re not saying that sending a card isn’t thoughtful, but let’s face it— there is no dad in the world that wouldn’t want this box of DELISH arriving on his doorstep for Father’s Day. (Can someone please send us mamas a box, too?)


Custom Photo Sherpa Blanket

Oooh dad, he’s such a softie. Even when he’s in that man-cave he just built in the back room, he’s always thinking of his kids (sure he is). When you want to make this Father’s Day special, presenting him with a customized photo gift is really the way to go. Whether you choose a sherpa blanket or a set of coffee mugs, this is a gift that wins now and gets better with age.

This blanket can be ordered in throw (50×60″) or queen (60×80″) size. The front side has the photo (or photos, you customize it completely) while the back side is a soft, snuggly sherpa fleece. The photo blankets from Collage have over 30,000 reviews— most of which sound as gleaming as this one, “I absolutely loved my blanket. I kind of thought that the picture quality wouldn’t be that great because they are pretty big but they looked AMAZING. I will definitely be ordering from here more often.”

Due to delayed shipping times, this is best ordered two weeks in advance.


23andMe DNA Testing Kit: Ancestry and Health

This gift might seem a little impersonal at first, but honestly, it’s the opposite. 23andMe’s DNA testing kit reveals not only information about ancestry, but also provides accurate insight on health issues, too. All your favorite dad has to do is send in a saliva sample and wait for his results. Usually, the results that come back are remarkable and informative.

This gift will show your dad that you not only want to know more about where he (and where you!) came from, but it will also remind him that you care about his health and encourage the preventative approach to his overall wellness. 

Also, if he wants to know who else in the fam is out there, he can register for the DNA Relatives tool to find them. Or maybe knowing about himself is just about enough….


World's Best Dad Care Package for Father's Day

Now don’t cry, we know you may not all be with dad this year…but…everyone loves a good care package. He may say “no”, but maybe he’s never gotten a care package before! The team at Parcelly, with over 7000 sales on Etsy, is known for their 5 star care packages for all the important life events (we love the I Miss You Gift and the Pregnancy Gift). This father’s day gift is designed and handmade in-house so that no two gifts are exactly the same. Each does include a “Books and Beers” book bag, World’s Best Dad certificate, a scented man candle in a shot glass, a “Strong & Handsome” coffee and almond shea butter soap and…most importantly…chocolate chip cookies.

You get the idea, this is where special happens. So whether you’re sending these across town or across the country, he’ll know that he’s being thought of— and that he’s missed.


Gifts for the Techie Dad

Victorinox Swiss Army FieldForce Sport GMT Men's Watch

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and say he needs a new watch. Yes, he has his phone practically glued to his hand, but he needs a watch because A-we don’t wear one so we always need to ask him what time it is and B-his outfits aren’t all that exciting, so his only accessory should be. Plus, he’s been a pretty great dad this year, so we want him to know he’s extra appreciated.

This timeless classic will be noticed and admired by the guys at the cookout, as well as the team at the office. Plus, something like this only gets better with age. Even if he swaps it out through the years, this will literally never not be in style. We love the orange rubber band as well as its more serious features including the GMT function (which keeps track of two time zones simultaneously), the SuperLumiNova capabilities (for easy day and nighttime readability) and the PVD gunmetal treatment (which looks so good against the orange). Look closely and you’ll even find  a Swiss Army knife-shaped counterweight on the second hand. This watch is bold, cool and classic— just like the dad who will be there for you— forever.


Tile Pro (2 pack) Bluetooth Tracker and Finder

If you know a hot-mess dad, gift him a Tile or two. The Tile connects to an app which makes it easy to always check in on where his belongings are (think wallet, keys, phone). It also integrates with Alexa and connects to Amazon Echo Dot if you have one at home (or maybe a bonus present for Dad?). You know what that means? No more scrambling around looking for the keys or remote! Needless to say, a gift like this will bring stress levels down for everyone in the household, so happy Father’s Day to you, too.

We had to share this Amazon review, “I’m the proud owner of 9 Tiles ! One on every set even spares to 2 trucks, motorcycle and camper! I dont even bother to look anymore i just call for my Tile… I lost my phone one day also and thanks to Tile I was able to figure out where it was hiding as well! You have a customer for life !”


Jabra Elite Alexa-Enabled Wireless Earbuds

These Jabra Elite wireless earbuds will stream dad’s favorite music at his preferred volume. They’re perfect to use during the morning commute, for work calls, or at the gym. Reviewers obsess over the customizable equalizer and dad will really appreciate the five-hour battery life.

Says one reviewer: “I’ve been using them for about a month in a variety of situations: biking, working out, on a plane, in the car, on conference calls, and they are easily the best wireless headset/earbuds that I have owned. Great fit in my ear, easy to connect and use, really good sound.”


LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 Race Car Building Kit

If you can’t afford to get Dad the sports car of his dreams, this Lego Bugatti building kit is the next best thing. While still pricey, it’s perfect for tinkerers, and once he’s finished, he can proudly put it on display. If he’s got older kids at home, assembling this car together could be a wonderful bonding experience — that is, if he’s allowing help.

“Shout out to Lego for this stunningly-designed and manufactured Bugatti Chiron building kit,” one buyer raves. “This incredible set, with whopping 3,599 pieces, is so sophisticated to a point where during four days of assembly, I was even able to learn the automobile production process and how each part works together to make a car fully functional.”

And, don’t worry: You won’t find these Lego pieces scattered all over the floor.


Vector Robot With Built-In Alexa

For the dad in your life that loves robots, thinks anything electronic is cool and maybe also needs some company (or someone who’ll always agree with him), meet Vector. This little robot fits in your palm, but it does big things. First of all, it’s a robot that’s alive with personality. It reacts to sound, sight and touch. When hooked up to Alexa, it can keep track of your shopping list, set reminders and control smart home devices. You can pet him, he self charges and he is freakin cool. We can’t get too into detail here (we’re not as fascinated by robots as the guys…), but there are almost 5,000 rave reviews on Amazon. The only negative one that could be found is this— apparently Vector doesn’t climb stairs. Boo-hoo.


HoMedics Gentle Touch Gel Massage Cushion With Heat

WFH life is not easy (we should know) and even though he’s lucky enough to get a private space to work (the basement), he’s still strapped to that chair all-day-long. Since you likely won’t be running down to give him a daily massage, think how much he’d love his own chair massager! This gel massage cushion straps onto any chair and does all sorts of relaxing, spa-like things. Think deep-kneading shiatsu massage and rolling massage with width adjustment— both covering the full back length and sides of the spine. And there’s the heat. Plus, it comes with a remote, and we all know how much he loves having a remote control in hand.

If/when, he ever goes back to the office, you can easily re-locate it to your home-desk for the win!


Gifts for the Foodie Dad

CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

He’s pretty cool about sharing everything with the kids and knows that all of his favorite foods and snacks often go “missing”. BUT, do not mess with his coffee. This is one thing the kids can not take away (or share), and we’re with him on this! Now listen, the coffee-pot is an essential in every parents’ kitchen and the large-scale quick brew totally works, but this is so much better. Pour-over coffee pots are having a renaissance, and Chemex is the brand of choice. This gives you better coffee every time, and is actually easier to use and easier to clean than the usual pot.

This is how it goes: you literally put in a paper filter, scoop in the coffee grinds (one scoop per cup), and pour over the boiling water into the glass carafe. This will be the most delicious, least bitter coffee you’ll ever make at home. Plus, you can keep this hot (on the stove top) or cold (in the fridge).

One reviewer noted, “There is just something very pleasing about brewing in a Chemex. That swirl before you pour… Some things you just can’t put a price on. A Chemex will give you the cleanest cup of coffee you ever had, and if done right, the best.”


Man Crates Grill Master Crate Gift Set

We hate to stereotype (not really), but every guy we know loves to grill. All self-professed “grill-masters” there’s something about the meat, the smoke, and being in charge of it all that they really seem to love. Accepting that this is what it is, we found a gift for all the dad figures in our lives— grandpas, uncles, brothers, family friends, and sons whom all see themselves as master of these outdoor domains.

We introduce you to the Grill Master Crate which comes packaged like the gift they’ve always wanted (but never gotten). Inside this wooden box, with a picture of a crowbar for effect, you’ll find everything from a meat tenderizer, to a cast iron smoker box, to wood chips and 4 steak thermometers. Top it off with a couple of BBQ sauces and a spice blend, and you’ll need only supply the actual food to get this summer party started.


Truff Hot Sauce, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers

Dad will drool over this gourmet hot sauce made with black truffle oil, and after he tastes it on his wings, he’ll probably dub himself “Truff Daddy.” Red chili peppers are blended with black truffle and agave for an earthy, yet sweet-and-spicy sauce that will bring a dad to his happy place.

We know this condiment is a bit expensive, but it’s a special treat that Dad wouldn’t buy for himself. Plus, over 1,000 5-star reviews and bestseller status will assure you that’s it’s worth the price. Asks one buyer, “Do you like trying gourmet and unique hot sauces? Do you like the taste of truffles (or more specifically, truffle oil)? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you need to stop and give this a try!”


ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Thermometer

If there are two words dad loves hearing— they are wireless and grill. Give Dad a little more freedom around the grill or smoker. This thermometer has a wireless device he can carry around the house and yard so he can monitor the heat of his meat. It comes with preset temperatures for a variety of different meats like lamb, fish, and beef, so he won’t have to remember what temp he’s aiming for, either. He can also set an alarm that’ll alert him if the temp is too high to prevent over cooking. Next time Dad barbecues for company, he can spend more time mingling and less time hovering near the cooker! Still not sure? Take a look at the almost 10,000 reviews!

“The thermometer was really easy to set up,” says one reviewer. “The range was great. I was able to be in the front yard with my daughter and still keep an eye on the smoker temp in the back yard.”


YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

Every outdoorsy dad needs a YETI. Made with technology to keep food and beverages cold for long periods of time, it’s perfect for pops who like camping, boating, hosting tailgates, or inviting the neighbors over for backyard barbecues. Sturdy, sleek, and built for adventure, this cooler will be his new favorite companion. It comes in a bunch of fun colors, too — if you can get your hands on them.

“This was a gift for my hard-to-buy-for in-laws,” one reviewer says. “We have two of these, and we take them every time we travel. They keep food and drinks cold for a week and they are easy to clean. Love our Yeti!”


Kabob Grilling Baskets (set of 4)

No skewers? No problem. This cool grill or campfire tool makes it simple to cook and season kabobs without losing a single veggie or piece of chicken. The metal baskets are easy to open and close, and dark wood handles make them look and feel a bit more luxe. Reviewers were overwhelmingly pleased with these utensils, and we think Dad will be too. He’ll also appreciate that he’ll no longer get yelled at for mixing the veggies with the meats (in vegetarian households). As we see it, two for you and two for him. Or as it should be, one for him and three for you…just sayin… We’re getting hungry here thinking about the grilled peaches and pineapples that can come for dessert next bbq!


Ironwood Gourmet Wood Steak Serving Board

Have a carnivore on your list? If the dad in your life would eat steak every night for dinner if he could, he’ll appreciate this wooden steak serving board. It has grooves to catch drippings and space to house seasonings and sauces. Stepping up the steak game for dad is good for his soul (if nothing else).

Buyers say this handsome “plate” is the ideal vehicle for serving and slicing their favorite cuts of meat. We’re imagining pork chops, ribs and fish here, too. Keeps the meats and veg separate, always a good thing.

One reviewer said, “I just love my new wood plates, I do a lot of Ribeye cooking and chorizo, Argentinian style and use them a lot, they really look like a 1st class restaurant!! My family & guest love them!!” Bottom line, buy a pair or four, you’ll be needing these.


Gifts for the Dad Who Loves a Good Drink

Vejo Blender With Bestsellers Starter Smoothie Kit

Not all drinks are alcoholic, right?

What if we told you that dad could have a great tasting, really healthy smoothie literally anytime, any place, anywhere? Meet Vejo. This brand new, portable smoothie blender works in only 30 seconds. Fill it with water, add your chosen pod, and blend. Pods you say? Yes. The Vejo pods are packed with supplements and organic fruits & vegetables to create 22 different blends of deliciousness (we are loving the Pina Greens). This starter kit (available in 7 colors), comes with the blender and 8 pods. Once he knows he likes it, he can buy blends in assorted flavors in 8 packs or 30 packs, which breaks down to $2.50-$4 per serving. We’re not saying this is only for dad, but if you give it to him for Father’s Day, you’ll certainly have it for yourself, as well.

$130 AT VEJO

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit

Sure, you can gift dad his favorite beer on Father’s Day, but chances are he has a pretty nice supply of his own hidden somewhere. Take things to the next liquid level with this craft beer kit. It includes everything dad could ever need to brew his own. You can help him or hop right out of his way, but in any case, you know he’ll be eager to share his batch with his friends.

“The directions were clear to follow and it was fun to make,” one buyer reports. “All we had to buy was a pitcher, a pot, and 3 gallons of water. Everything else comes in the box.” It only takes 30 minutes to brew which means, gift to you by way of 30 FREE minutes.


The Bro Basket The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler Box

Is Dad a whiskey aficionado or just likes fancy things? Then The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler Bro Basket, with over 350 5-star reviews, is a must. This gift comes choc-full of goodies, including 10 (!) 50 ml bottles of whiskey and bourbon (like Macallan Double Cask 12 Year, Johnnie Walker Black Label, and Knobb Creek, to name a few). He’ll also be treated to some manly munchies like gourmet popcorn and chocolate-covered goodies. Completing this set is an etched tumbler, and everything is stashed in a reusable tin.

Keep in mind that if whiskey isn’t Dad’s thing, there are other Bro Basket options, including one that’s totally customizable. Think gift baskets can’t be “bro”? Think again.


Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller (2 pack)

Warm beer, be gone! Have Dad keep these in the freezer, and he’ll never need to wait for his beer to get cold again. And you will never have to yell at him for putting bottles in the freezer to chill them for “just a minute,” only to forget and leave them to explode — an all-around win-win.

Customers report that these are fantastic at chilling beer and other drinks. They’re a must-have for outdoor summer partying, and a unique idea for the dad who has everything. With almost 1,000 reviews, it’s obvious that people love these. Plus, he’s just going to think they look cool. (And who says you can’t use them for your Prosecco?)


B. WEISS Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Gift Set

It’s the perfect time of year for a refreshing Moscow mule and this gift will give your favorite dad an excuse to sip until he feels silly on Father’s Day. This set of four solid copper mugs has over 1000 5-star Amazon reviews. It’s super affordable, and it even comes with a copper jigger, four copper straws, and coasters, plus it’s pre-packaged in a matching gift box. Customers say that they’re thrilled with the price and attest that you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

Want to really surprise him with this drink-filled? Recipes for the Moscow Mule as well as the Skinny Mule and the Long Island Mule are all detailed on the product page. Yes, you need vodka.


Just A Little Somethin’ (Perfect Dad Gift Add-Ons)

"Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA" Book

In this hysterical book by comedy king Jimmy Fallon, all the dad animals try to teach their babies to say “Dada” first. Unfortunately, all the babies just respond with their animal sounds! It’s cute and silly, and first time dads will get a kick out of annoying the wifey with this story.

The board book style makes it easy for toddlers to “help” Dad read along. Write a sweet note inside (you can make it from your LO), and it’s ready to go.

There’s a Mama book, too, so you can fight about what word BB says first and what book they like better. Let’s hope baba wins so neither of you gets to gloat for the rest of eternity.


"The Dad" Book

This is possibly one of the hottest Father’s Day gifts of the season (yes, The Dad is part of our team). Truths, hacks, and dad-isms fill the pages of this book from the editors of The Dad. The book is loaded with content, but it’s pocket-sized. (Well, cargo pocket-sized).

Reviewers call this book “hilarious,” “dad-tastic,” and say it’s “great for the coffee table when you have a lot of dad friends.” It admittedly doesn’t give any useful parenting advice, but it does share insights into other dad’s lives with their kids.


The Dad Bathroom Candle

This gift is as much for you and all of your kids and guests as it is for dad. Dad’s Bathroom Candle is a concealing candle that will work wonders in practically every single relationship. This large candle (almost 14 oz), is made in the USA with an all natural soy-wax blend and is meant to burn for 60-80 hours. Scent choices include Early Morning Mow, Firing Up The Grill and Saturday Morning Pancakes— all of which are way better than the smell we’re hoping to cover up. So let him think this is a gift for him, but smile inside knowing you’ll appreciate this money spent every-single-day.


The Dad Law Book

Just what we always (never) needed, a book that gives the “laws” of being a dad. There are a lot of dads we all know that will get a good laugh in reading about these previously unwritten rules dads live by— like the one where the dad gets to control the thermostat (forever). Or the law that states all dads must joke and say things like “were you raised in a barn”? HA. Well you’re not laughing, but he will be. And new dads, it’s a guarantee they’ll be laughing out loud realizing they are not in this alone. These may not be actual laws to live by (thank god), but when dads get together and read over these 202 pages of unwritten rules of dad hood, they’ll surely appreciate the gift of a big laugh sesh.


DAD-ISMS 2020-2021 Father's Day to Father's Day Calendar

There’s no escaping it— all dads young and old think they are funny. Whether they are actually funny (we’re hoping for your sake) or only laugh at themselves, we appreciate the fact that they aren’t as bitchy as we are. So let’s amuse them with this 365-day calendar of DAD-ISMS— funny jokes, bad puns and words of wisdom that *only* dad would use. The dates run from Father’s Day to Father’s Day (2020-2021) because, of course, it’s the most important day of the year. (Well that’s what dads think, but we know the truth. Mom’s rule.)


The Dad The Perfect Pack Greeting Cards

There are lots of great dads that deserve lots of great gifts. But sometimes it’s the small things that make dad laugh, and also make dad breathe a deep sigh of relief. You know, like when it’s your birthday and he’s totally forgotten to get you a card or gift? Or the time when he realizes it’s your anniversary and…sh*t. Well, we can promise you’ll be seeing this gift again, since it’s the gift of cards for dads. This 12 pack contains 4 holiday, 4 congratulations, and 4 apology cards (for after when he’s given you the generic congratulations card for making it through 10 years of marriage to him). What we do love about this gift, though, is that it comes pre-set with occasions and feelings, and it even comes with envelopes, so there’s that. Now let’s just pray for him that he checked the appropriate “wife” box instead of the “romantic interest” box at year 10.


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