It's Time To Get Yourself Some New Undies, And Here's Why

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Did you rummage through your underwear drawer this morning and notice your skivvies were all full of holes, and so stretched out you could stash a honey roasted ham in there and pull them over your fun bags?

If you can’t even remember the last time your bought yourself some fresh knickers, then girlfriend, it’s time. Stop putting it off, stop thinking it shouldn’t be a priority, and get yourself some new panties that are comfortable, fit properly, and make you feel wonderful.

But first things first, let’s talk basics…

Bottom line: cotton is best. Fear not though, there are a lot of choices out there, especially in the cotton department (rejoice!) — which, according to Octavia Cannon, DO, a board-certified OBGYN, is actually the best choice for keeping your velvet coin purse happy and healthy.

If you like to have a bit of fun in the bedroom, or pretty fabrics like silk and lace make you feel like a sexy as hell, Dr. Cannon says it important to “select a cotton crotch whenever possible.” The vagina needs to breathe, ladies, and no one likes a case of swamp crotch. Ewwww.

There are a lot of feminine, beautiful options out there for cotton underwear that are still sexy, so you don’t have to choose between function and form. I, personally, love a nice lace trim around the leg, and boy shorts are super sexy and comfortable.

And if you are prefer thongs or G-strings because you can’t stand panty lines, or have a hot date for the evening, Dr.Cannon warms they can actually be harmful to your health. The string sliding around in your crack can spread E.coli to your vagina. And no one wants that.

“Think about where the string slides when you sit down in a thong,” Dr. Cannon says. Now that you have that lovely thought in your head, let’s talk about ways to keep the sexy alive with your butt floss if you just can’t give it up: choose cotton thongs, change them often, remove them after sexy time, and never sleep in them.

Another thing Dr. Cannon recommends is to stop wearing underwear that doesn’t fit you just because you don’t want to size up. Anything that is making your feel like a busted can of biscuits is too small. Underwear should feel like second-skin, and it you are wearing something that is visually to small, you are putting yourself at risk for infection.

Too many women cast their need for quality undergarments aside thinking it’s not that important, but it is. Your bloomers are meant to be comfortable and make you feel pretty. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. And if you don’t think your cave of wonders is worth a few new pairs of $5 undies, think again. You can’t put a price on a non-fishy smelling vag.

Our lady bits are too precious to be ignored or squeezed into something that gives us camel toe or makes us turn into a raging bitch every time we put them on because they take a ride up or ass or our vagina eats them as soon as we sit down.

So go out and treat yourself to some freshies for your tunnel of love — you only have one vagina and she deserves the very best. We need to care for her the way we do about our teeth, skin, and hair. You don’t want to find yourself having to take a joyride to the gynecologist just because you kept putting off getting yourself some new panties.