10 Camel Coloring Pages That Won't Leave You High And Dry

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camel coloring pages
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Camels are pretty intriguing creatures. Did you know that plenty of people still depend on camels for survival? They’re strong, fast, and can store days’ worth of fat and water, making them preferable companions for travel. Seriously, these rare animals are super cool! And camel coloring pages are a great way to pay a little respect, especially if you’re not likely to travel somewhere you might see a camel in person.

Camel coloring pages are also a great way to teach kids about these magnificent animals. We’ll share even more interesting facts below, but here are a few to get you started. Camels are also known to provide milk, meaning that they can also help nourish the people traveling with them. When it comes to moving in a desert, camels are ideal for plenty of reasons. For one, they’re physically built for the job — even their feet are capable of walking along sand better than most other animals. Fascinating and fun, right?

If you genuinely want to get into the spirit, consider coloring in these camel coloring pages on a sweltering day. These free, printable drawings will provide a ton of fun for everyone in the family. When you finish filling ’em in, we recommend trekking over to our other Western collections, including cactus coloring pages, desert coloring pages, and cowboy coloring pages.

Free Printable Camel Coloring Pages

Camel Page No. 1

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Some camels have one hump, and other camels have two. The two-humped camel, like this one, is known as a Bactrian camel. The animal uses their humps to store fat so they don’t go hungry when food is scarce. Consider it like a permanent backpack filled with snacks! Here’s another interesting tidbit: Camels are so cool there are over 160 words in Arabic for the humped animal. Talk about being super popular!

Camel Page No. 2

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Like camels and like art? Then, you’ll be very pleased with this camel coloring page. With small details, this camel begs to be colored in however the mood strikes. Maybe purple and blue hues would look best. Or, better yet, orange and gold tones would make this camel look quite regal.

Camel Page No. 3

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Have you ever wondered what camels do during a sandstorm? Well, you see those tiny nostrils? That’s the key! Camels can completely shut their nostrils to keep the elements out. They also have super smelling skills and can sniff out water more than 40 miles away. In addition to their nasal abilities, camels boast a clear eyelid and two rows of long, thick lashes to help protect their eyes.

Camel Page No. 4

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If you’ve ever been to the beach on a really hot day, you know how blistering the sand can feel. So, how do camels deal? The thick pads of skin on their chest and knees allow them to sit comfortably in scorching hot sand.

Camel Page No. 5

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This camel coloring page almost looks like a t-shirt design — and very well could be, if you wanted to print this page onto transfer paper. This would look phenomenal with the right markers or colored pencils. Adding some shading would also give it a ton of extra depth.

Camel Page No. 6

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By now, you know that camels can go for prolonged periods without drinking water — an advantageous desert adaptation. What you may not realize is that once a camel finally does reach water, it can drink up to 40 gallons in one go!

Camel Page No. 7

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They may not look fast, but don’t be fooled. Camels can travel at an impressive 40 miles per hour. For context, that’s the same pace as a racehorse. And that’s not the only surprising ability of these interesting animals. In addition to being shockingly fast, camels are super strong and can carry up to 900 pounds. Also, have you ever wondered why camels spit? They do it when they’re angry and to distract animals (or people) they think are a threat.

Camel Page No. 8

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While camels with two humps are known as Bactrian camels, those with one hump are known as “dromedary” camels. These camels can reach heights of up to about 6.5 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 1,325 pounds.

Camel Page No. 9

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Ah, it’s nice to see a camel smiling! At least, it’s better than the alternative. Like their Camelidae cousins, the llama, camels will spit to distract things they perceive to be threats.

Camel Page No. 10

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This camel looks a little sleepy, doesn’t it? Perhaps it’s a mama camel. And if you thought humans carried their babies for a long time, prepare to empathize greatly with this creature — mother camels carry their babies for up to 14 months before giving birth.

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