I Am Obsessed With Candy Corn And I Make No Apologies

by Colleen Dilthey Thomas
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Fall has fallen and it’s time for one of my favorite treats. No, I am not talking about anything pumpkin spiced. My greatest fall desire is the sweet, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth triangular treat that keeps me coming back for a handful at a time. Yes, friends, I am talking about candy corn. And while some of you are wrinkling your nose, my very unscientific Facebook poll says that it’s tops! Yes, 31 of 42 responses were in favor of the tri-color delight, and if you want to fully embrace fall, it’s time to get on board.

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All of your cons are pros for those of us who love it. Texture: yes please. It is soft and chewy, with just the teeny tiniest bit of crumble in your mouth. The three colors, while tasting all the same, are much more enjoyable if you bite them off color by color. And if you want to take things to the next level, toss some of it into a bowl with some peanuts or cashews and your guests won’t be able to keep their hands to themselves. Throw in chocolate chips or M&Ms and they may never leave!

Now that we’ve come to appreciate candy corn’s subtle nuances, let’s move on to its many uses, shall we? Oh, you thought that the CC was only for snacking? Well, my friend, do I have a treat for you. Make that lots of treats. How would you feel if I told you that you could toss a few corns into a cookie batter and take fall to next-level dessert heaven? It’s happening all over this great country of ours and there are lots of recipes out there for you to try it at home.

How about candy corn and white chocolate soft-batch cookies?

Or some delicious candy corn pretzel hugs?

Candy Corn Oreo Truffle Bark??!!?! I can hardly contain myself!

“Candy Corn Oreo Truffle Bark Recipe” — Bread Booze Bacon

By now you have probably seen people stack their candy corn together to make an ear of corn. See? It’s everywhere.

According to, it seems that candy corn came about around the 1880s and was invented by a man named George Renninger, of the Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia. The Jelly Belly Candy Company, then known as Goelitz Candy Company, really got the buzz going in 1898.

The kernels were originally called “Chicken Feed” though. This is because at the time, corn was not a mainstream food the way that it is today. Instead, it was used mostly to feed animals. Corn became more popular post World War I and the candy began to be marketed in the 1920s as “King of Candy Corn Fields” — eventually being shortened to just candy corn.

It became popular in the 1920s as a penny candy and eventually made its way into our hearts as a Halloween staple during the holiday’s boom in the 1950s. It was then, and still is, sold year round. But it definitely reaches the masses during the fall months. Stick this one in your pocket for later: October 30 is National Candy Corn Day.

With its yellow, orange, and white layers makes for the perfect fall treat. You can eat it plain, you can mix it with cereal and candies, or loads of other tasty treats that you can make with it. It screams fall! Do you love it so much that you want to wear it? Oh, you can if you want to!

I mean, have you seen candy corn-colored hair?

And what about the candy corn clothing?

Want to impress all of your coworkers with your candy corn eye shadow technique? Get that look here.

Lucky for us enthusiasts, the tasty treat is here to stay. Those of you who hate it, do the rest of us a favor and just move on, OK? No one on team candy corn is over their insulting your love for circus peanuts or those black and orange wax-wrapped things that are maybe supposed to be peanut butter, but who knows? And please, we allow you to enjoy those strawberry candies that have been in granny’s candy dish for 20 years. Leave us alone.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go decorate my house in witches and pumpkins and other spooky fare. I will be adorning each table top with a bowl of sweet candy corn mixed with salty roasted peanuts so that I can savor the next few weeks of fall fun. And if you’re looking for me at Target, I’ll be the one with the red and blonde hair and the candy corn-themed sweater. No, seriously, my hair is orange and yellow. This is the time for me — and my favorite tri colored candy — to shine.

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