Cardi B Shares Hectic Morning Routine With 2 Young Kids

by Christina Marfice

On her Instagram stories, Cardi B shared that there’s no rest for a mom of two young kids, showing her entire, hectic morning routine

As every mom knows, mornings can be the busiest, most hectic part of the day. That isn’t any different for celebrities, as Cardi B proved when she took to her Instagram stories this week to document a morning in her life with her two kids, 3-year-old Kulture Kiari, and her 4-month-old newborn son, both of whom she shares with her husband, Offset.

On Tuesday, the “WAP” singer started posting early — as soon as her morning began at around 6 a.m.

She started the day off, of course, making a bottle for her baby boy.

“Just finished feeding him and putting him back to sleep,” she wrote at 6:03. “I’ll be preparing another bottle for when he wakes up in a few again.”

He woke up again a little past 8, which Cardi documented with a couple videos.

“Now he’s awake and full energy while I have NONE… feed, burped, changed,” she wrote, before adding something that will be all too relatable to moms everywhere. “Waiting on his morning poop, though… I know it’s coming.”

It was a little later before little Kulture joined the party. Just before 9 a.m., Cardi shared a video of all three of them sitting on Kulture’s bed, and then another short clip of Kulture sitting on the bathroom counter and brushing her teeth.

“This is not Kulture’s normal schedule,” she explained in the video, holding the baby on one hip. “She usually goes to school in the morning, but we’re in Georgia right now so it’s a little different.”

As much as we enjoyed getting a glimpse into Cardi’s morning, that was where she stopped — a little abruptly. She posted one last story where she wrote, “Sorry can’t do more insta stories… It gets busy quick.”

She added at the bottom in all caps, “NEED BOTH MY HANDS,” and if that isn’t just the most relatable thing this mom posted all morning.