Trolls Speculate Cardi B's Pregnant After Grammy Performance

by Julie Scagell
Kevin Winter/Getty

Can we just stop commenting on women’s bodies?

Cardi B’s performance with Megan Thee Stallion at the Grammys on Sunday was one for the record books. While many can’t stop talking about the performance itself, others seem oddly preoccupied with her body — namely that she may be pregnant again.

Fans took to Twitter shortly after her performance to comment on her body, because some people have nothing better to do with their lives apparently. Whether it was her “stiff performance” or the fact that some thought she looked “thicker than normal,” the unsolicited opinions were flying.

“You can tell she wasn’t even singing and it all just seemed like a hot mess to be honest,” one person tweeted, “cardi b gotta be pregnant the way she was dancing bc i can’t come up with no other explanations as to why she put on that weak ass performance,” added another. Still another added, “Is Cardi b pregnant?! I don’t know… all that performance was really unnecessary! And she was even little too stiff!!”

Can we please stop commenting on women’s bodies? It’s obnoxious and insulting. Even if you’re a big fan of hers and want her to be pregnant, commenting about her performance or weight as a way to justify asking the question publicly makes a person look petty and small. If she’s pregnant and wants the world to know, she’ll share the news herself. Bottom line — it’s nobody’s business.

The Bronx singer performed “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion and “Up.” After her performance, Cardi interacted with some fans on Twitter, calling the Grammys a “crazy experience.” She also told fans “soon you’ll see why my body feels destroyed.” Again, no need to race to conclusions.

Before her performance, she tweeted, “I feel kinda sick.” I would too if I were performing in front of millions.

This isn’t the fist time the rapper has been through the pregnancy rumor mill. In 2019, Cardi addressed persistent rumors that she was pregnant in a tweet. “BARDIGANG is harrassing me cause I’m gaining weight again … I might have to pull a tampon out my pussy so ya can stop … Like damn my baby ain’t even crawling yet can ya stop with the assumptions,” she said. And that’s how it’s done.

The Grammy Award winner welcomed her daughter Kulture, two, in July 2018 with husband Offset.

“I didn’t [think] it would take my body so long to heal, like, I thought six weeks was gonna be good enough. No, bro, my ass is broken, this baby broke my ass,“ Cardi told Vogue of her body post-pregnancy. “Doing a tour with Bruno Mars in, like, the biggest arenas and I didn’t want to go on tour and not be able to dance or perform properly, not be able to get choreography right, because my body is extremely weak right now. Like, so weak. That postpartum shit is really real, y’all.”