Young 'Schitt's Creek' Fans Have No Idea That Catherine O'Hara Is An Icon

by Madison Vanderberg
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Young people on the internet just found out who Catherine O’Hara is

Apparently, there are a lot of Schitt’s Creek fans out there who don’t know who the great Catherine O’Hara is. A bunch of, I dunno, Gen Z Schitt’s Creek fans, just found out that O’Hara who plays Moira Rose on the great Canadian sitcom, also played “the mom in Home Alone,” which is an incredibly disrespectful way to describe O’Hara’s iconic part, but okay.

Not only was O’Hara in Home Alone (along with many other iconic projects), everyone is generally freaking out that their beloved Moira Rose is a full comedy legend. No, dear young Schitt’s Creek fans, O’Hara wasn’t discovered by Dan Levy. She’s like, the Meryl Streep of comedy, thank you very much.

“Whattt just found out the mom from Home Alone is Moira Rose also!!! Wtfffff” wrote one perplexed fan.

As people busted our their VHS copies of Home Alone over the Thanksgiving break, the shocked comments continued in this manner…

There were even some people who didn’t know she was in Beetlejuice either.

Lol at the audacity to refer to the great Catherine O’Hara as “the actress” from Schitt’s Creek.

Clearly, this is a pandemic of a different proportion, so millennials, xennials, and Gen X’rs had to swoop in and educate these kids on who the iconic Canadian comedienne is.

Some of O’Hara’s iconic roles include voicing Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Delia in Beetlejuice.

Obviously, Mrs. McCallister in all the Home Alone films.

Here she is recreating the iconic “Kevin” moment for her TikTok fans because that’s where these pop-culture illiterate young people lurk. Teach ’em Catherine!

Oh and if you really want to break your brain, O’Hara and Eugene Levy are both in Best In Show where they play…a married couple. You thought that chemistry on Schitt’s Creek just… happened? Hah!

And if you like Best In Show, check out For Your Consideration and A Mighty Wind.

O’Hara and Levy got their comedy start on a show called SCTV (short for Second City Television), which was basically Canadian SNL and ran during the ’70s and ’80s. So yeah, these two go way back.

Catherine O’Hara is a comedy legend and Schitt’s Creek didn’t make her a star, but thank god Schitt’s Creek came around to remind us all (and teach a new generation) that O’Hara is a gift. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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