Channing Tatum Is On Dating Apps, So Get Ready To Swipe Like Your Life Depends On It

by Christina Marfice
Kelly Defina/Getty

Channing Tatum is single and clearly really ready to mingle

Channing Tatum and Jessie J are officially over, and we can’t help being a little sad about it. They seemed so happy and good for each other! But we can’t be that sad, because word on the street is that Channing is getting back in the game by joining dating apps, which means for any of us, he could be just a swipe away.

Yes, the Channing Tatum.

A source told Us Weekly all about Tatum’s alleged profiles, so before you jump on Tinder or Hinge, you probably want to read this. He’s reportedly using Raya, a specialty app for creative types that tends to attract people like actors, musicians, and artists.

Another source told E! News, “He’s been on Raya for a few weeks. He would love to be dating someone and is not shy about it. He wants to have fun again and he doesn’t care if he meets someone online, a set up or just walking down the street. A friend suggested Raya and he felt like he had nothing to lose by joining.”

Oh, and one of those sources claimed his profile reads, “And yes, I used to be a stripper. Sorry,” along with a shrugging emoji. His profile song is “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo, according to someone who allegedly knows these things.

It’s a lot of second- and third-hand information, but hey, if this gives us hope that anyone with a smartphone could possibly be the next Mrs. Channing Tatum, we will absolutely take it. I mean, in addition to being hot as heck, he appears to be absolutely prime husband/dad material. This guy is worth dating online, and you can’t say that about too many men.

He even loves his mom. I mean, come on.

Before he dated Jessie J, Tatum was married to Jenna Dewan, and they share a 6-year-old daughter named Everly. Even though they split, they seem to be navigating co-parenting well, which just gives Channing even more points in the “prime future husband material” column. If you’ve already quit reading this to start writing your Raya profile, I’m not even mad.

Before you get too excited, though, here’s the bad news: Raya is pretty exclusive, and you have to have your profile and social media accounts approved by a Raya team before you can join. It’s jam packed with celebrities (Amy Schumer allegedly dated someone she met on Raya, and Pete Davidson is rumored to be a very active user), so the odds of getting on and scoring a date with Channing Tatum without some serious star power behind your name are low. Sorry.