Chelsea Peretti's Twitter Rant About Commenting On A Pregnant Woman's Body Is A Must-Read

by Cassandra Stone
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PSA: A pregnant woman’s body goes through changes. You do not ever need to comment on said changes.

For astounding and inexplicable reasons, we still live in a time where people think it’s perfectly acceptable to comment on the bodies of pregnant women. Or worse, that expecting moms should even welcome the unwarranted opinions of strangers on their physical appearance. Venturing Out In Public While Pregnant can often feel like you’re in a one-sided carnival game of “Step right up and let’s guess your weight! Due Date! Baby’s sex! Nothing is off limits for moms-to-be!”

Leave it to Chelsea Peretti to set us all straight on the matter. The Brooklyn-Nine-Nine star and one of our favorite comedians took to Twitter to expertly and hilariously school everyone on the matter of commenting on a pregnant woman’s body (the Cliff’s Notes version: DON’T).

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She’s currently expecting her first child with her husband, Key and Peele‘s Jordan Peele, and decided to clap back at all the different types of strangers we’ve encountered while pregnant.

I mean, it’s only fair.

But really though! Thanks, rude person in the checkout line who doesn’t need to know there’s still another trimester to go.

If you’re gonna tell a pregnant woman she’s big, be ready for whatever she throws back at you.

LOL. Isn’t it amazing how everyone you encounter is suddenly clairvoyant regarding your baby’s sex?

Maybe we should all start saying things like “Oh, I dunno, sometime next year” in regard to our due dates.

Do we think maybe people see a pregnant woman and their brains are just like “MUST COMMENT, HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING, ANYTHING.”

And that completes the epic Twitter take-down of why we don’t ask pregnant women stupid questions or comment on how they look.

Chelsea’s rant was hilarious and so many of us can relate. But perhaps the most important takeaway is this: If you still feel inclined to speak to a pregnant woman you don’t know, THINK BEFORE YOU COMMENT. If you don’t know said pregnant woman, then you don’t know what she’s going through. Maybe she struggled with infertility and it took her a really long time to become pregnant. Maybe the pregnancy has been physically grueling. Maybe it hasn’t gone smoothly at all or it’s high-risk. Maybe she’s putting the baby up for adoption. Maybe she just doesn’t want to hear from you, Stranger In The Grocery Store Checkout Line, because she just wants to get the hell home, kick off her too-tight shoes, un-snap her too-tight bra, and be left alone.

Offering a polite “congratulations” or benign well-wishes are fine. Telling her she looks beautiful or bullshitting her about that “pregnancy glow” is even (usually) just fine, too. But don’t come at a pregnant woman with your expert analysis on how she’s carrying or let her know her face is swollen — she already knows, and doesn’t need to hear it from you.

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