People Are Flipping Over This Easy Bake Oven For Adults

by Christine Organ
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A new no-fuss, Keurig-style machine gives you fresh-baked cookies in 10 minutes

Remember back when fresh-baked cookies were enough to make a shitastic day just a little better? Heck, the smell of baking cookies alone was enough to boost your mood with its promise of simple carbs and sugar. But then adulthood had to go and complicate even the simplest of simple pleasures by making the whole cookie-baking process messy as hell, not to mention the fact that now we have to hide in the closet stress-eating cookies so our kids don’t find us.

Well, behold. The CHiP Smart Cookie Oven, a Keurig-style cookie machine that gives us near-instant, fresh-baked cookies without the mess and hassle. Also known as The Answer To Our Dreams.

Here’s how it works: You place up to four servings of cookie dough in the CHiP, choose your cookie texture preferences using the CHiP mobile app (personally I prefer soft and chewy) and – voila! – 10 minutes later you have fresh baked cookies sure to make everything better.

Not sure if you’re in the mood for chocolate, peanut butter or oatmeal? Maybe all three? The CHiP has you covered. You can use your own dough to make your grandma’s famous butterscotch cookies, or choose from one of the company’s pre-made cookie doughs. There are more than 25 different kinds of cookie dough available, including espresso chocolate chip, funfetti, and peanut butter Nutella swirl.

Excuse me, peanut butter and Nutella in a cookie? Cue the mouth-watering drool.

They also offer a bunch of special diet pre-made gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and soy-free options, which means that everyone can have their snack needs met. Even the hipster mom in your playgroup that usually gives you the side-eye when you offer Goldfish crackers and fruit snacks.

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We all deal with stress in different ways. Some people meditate, practice yoga, or knit; others de-stress with cookies, bags of Cheetos, and wine. No judgment here. Personally, I’m Team Cookies. Whether its anxiety over the upcoming holidays, the pressure to do allthethings, or the general shitshow that is parenting, we all get a little frazzled from time to time. Enter the coping mechanism known as stress eating and the CHiP, made by SideChef, has got your back.

Whether you want a cookie to recover from yet another long meeting that could have been an email or you want to reward yourself for not losing your shit when your kids flood the bathroom, the CHiP is there to help you achieve your stress-eating goals. Or maybe you just want to enjoy an oatmeal cookie while quietly sipping your morning coffee…HA! Just kidding! Who has time to sit and quietly enjoy a cup of coffee these days, amiright?

But if we did have time for such indulgences, the CHiP would be there to address all your need-a-cookie-now needs.

Photo Credit: CHiP Smart Cookie Oven/Kickstarter

This miracle machine even has smart technology so you can connect it to your phone and get updates on the cookie-baking process and order more dough through an app on your phone.

Best of all, you can stress-eat your worries away without cleaning egg yolk off your cabinets and flour from the tile in your backsplash. Warm, fresh cookies. Clean kitchen. Win-Win.

The only drawback is that the CHiP isn’t for sale immediately (because, heaven knows, I could use a fresh baked cookie to drown up my kids’ bickering right about now), but SideChef’s kickstarter campaign runs until the end of November. If they meet their goal, the CHiP will be available for sale in October 2017 – just in time for next year’s pre-holiday stress-eating.

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