Chris Hemsworth Trolls His Kids By Not Sharing His Birthday Cake

Chris Hemsworth Celebrates His Birthday Like A True Dad -- By Not Sharing His Cake
Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

Chris Hemsworth reveals he had one wish for his 37th birthday: to polish off his birthday cake alone

Prepare to feel closer to Chris Hemsworth than you ever have before. In a wildly relatable moment, the Thor star described how he spent his 37th birthday — and it involved eating an entire chocolate cake and trolling his children. Ah, good times. Have we mentioned before that this man is a fave celeb dad?

Hemsworth shared the details of his birthday on Instagram on Wednesday, writing, “Thanks for all the bday wishes! My only wish was to eat a whole cake to myself. I completed my wish. My kids weren’t happy but who cares, they’re only small and their punches felt like a soft massage. Time flys when you’re having fun and it’s been a hell of a ride so far. Here’s to many more, love you all!”

Their punches felt like a soft massage. We’re officially dead.

For posterity, Hemsworth included a photo of himself eating said chocolate cake. Granted, he still had around a quarter left to polish off in the picture. But, c’mon, this is Thor. If anyone can smash a solo-cake-eating-challenge, it’s him.

Speaking of that Mjölnir-wielding alter ego, his wife Elsa Pataky got in on the birthday fun by sharing a photo of Hemsworth in character. For context, in case you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame, Thor can’t deal with the fact that he failed to kill Thanos before Thanos snapped away half the universe. So, he retreats into his feelings (and the small village of New Asgard) and, ahem, softens. To the internet, this version of the Norse god is known as Fat Thor. And that, friends, seems to be the Hemsworth Pataky picked a photo of.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful, super strong and good looking husband!! @chrishemsworth So glad you are at least the best dad and husband ever,” she playfully captioned the post.

Yep, it’s official — birthday or otherwise, Hemsworth and his fam are the real gift.