Chrissy Teigen Takes Up Horse-Riding As A Hobby 'Just For Me'

by Julie Scagell
Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Luna and Miles joined in too because, kids

Chrissy Teigen recently shared with fans that she took up a new hobby to continue the process of healing from losing her son, Jack, last year. While her hobby was meant to be “just for her,” Teigen is a mom and so she naturally brought her kids.

The mom-of-two shared via social media that she began horseback riding after her therapist suggested she find a hobby. “My therapist says I need something that I do just for me, as I have absolutely nothing currently lol,” Teigen wrote next to a picture of an adorable horse. “Today begins my journey into the horse world.”

She also added that she hoped the horse likes her and that, “He’s so handsome and appears lazy, I love.”

Teigen then documented herself as she got ready to ride for the first time, including “breaking in” her riding boots, which is apparently harder and more painful than one thought. “Holy shit. horse people: the boots! I always thought breaking in boots meant the foot part but does it mean the calf part because I’m dying over here,” she shared on Twitter.

But the best part of all of this, and one every mom will recognize, is a hobby meant for her means Teigen shared the day with four-year-old daughter Luna and her two-year-old son, Miles.

“First ride AND first jeans for Luna. she had an epic jean meltdown, really beautiful acting 10/10,” the Cravings cookbook author said next to a photo of Luna looking as gorgeous as ever.

She also shared a few other pics from the day on her Stories, showing little Miles equally as unsure about this entire thing riding a horse with dad John Legend right by his side.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Stories

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Stories

Teigen has been open about her experience losing son Jack at 20 weeks of her pregnancy. She describes the gut-wrenching experience of traveling to a new floor of the hospital, where she was staying while doctors tried to stop her bleeding, to give birth to their son and overhearing another family’s joy after their new baby was born. “People cheered and laughed right outside our door, understandably for a new life born and celebrated. You kind of wonder how anyone is thinking about anyone but you,” she shared.

As she’s continued to grieve and heal, she’s remained open to sharing all of it with people in an effort to make others with stories like hers realize they aren’t alone.

Here’s hoping she continues to do just that, and if a hobby “just for her” includes her kids, well that’s even better.