Don't Feel Bad -- Chrissy Teigen's Toddler Won't Hug Her Either

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

Little Luna had no problem hugging Minnie Mouse, though

There is no other classification of living creatures on earth more fickle than toddlers, full stop. Parents of toddlers know they have the power to light up your entire day or completely ruin it in the blink of an eye. Chrissy Teigen can relate.

While documenting some good, old-fashioned Disney family fun on her Instagram account, Teigen shared a video of Luna completely losing her shit over meeting Minnie Mouse (who wouldn’t?). While the video itself is adorable times a million, the caption is what really drives the point home with parents of toddlers everywhere.

“She lets me hug her once a week.” LOL.

The entire Teigen/Legend family is currently in Hong Kong while John Legend is on tour, so naturally they had to squeeze in some Disneyland time with little Luna — complete with tiny toddler costumes. Because when in Disney, you do as the Disney do.

In the Minnie video, though, Luna is ALL IN on a loving embrace with Minnie. No qualms whatsoever about getting physical with the giant mouse she is in no way intimidated by. But hugs for mom and dad? Pssssh. Toddlers have that withholding shit down pat.

My daughter is a few months older than Luna, and she is a TOTAL STINGE when it comes to hugs and kisses. Mostly, she just doesn’t want to stop whatever she’s doing to give her ol’ Mom a kiss or a hug for no reason. And since I work from home and I’m with her every waking minute of our lives together, I don’t ever get the “oh you’re home from a long day at work, I missed you so much” embrace. When her dad and I ask for kisses, nine times out of 10 she will thrust her forehead in our general direction, as if to say “UGH OK HERE” because she can’t be bothered.

Recently, Teigen asked Twitter to empathize with her and share their own “mean kid” stories after a particularly rough day of momming. She’s always pretty candid about the good and the bad when it comes to parenting, and for that we eternally love her.

Let’s all just send her one giant, collective sympathy hug, shall we? Because toddlers.