Chrissy Teigen Shares Sweet Video Of Luna Talking About Her First Crush

by Sarah Bregel
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Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Little Luna might be only three but she already has a love interest

Chrissy Teigen always gifts us with the best social media shares. And she’s at it again with an adorable video she just posted of her daughter, Luna, who is just three, talking about her first crush. It’s completely and utterly adorable.

Teigen captioned the clip “oh mannnnn what the!? you’re three!!!”

Right? But it’s also such a common experience, watching your kids chatter about some newfound infatuation. Those first little crushes are usually pretty sweet to witness and it’s clear Chrissy agrees, as she peppers her daughter with questions about why she’s so into him and what he looks like. Because, mamas be curious.

“He always listens to my feelings,” Luna tells her mom. “He always shares.” Chrissy is super into it, laughing and awwing over Luna’s responses. “Is he your boyfriend?” Chrissy inquires. “No,” Luna responds. “He’s my CUTE CUTE BOYYYY. FRIENDDD.”

Stop it RIGHT. NOW.

Luna goes on to talk about his long dark hair and ya know what? We feel ya, girl.

Chrissy loves to share little Luna-isms. And they are totally the best. I mean, just look at this future queen.

No doubt she gets her sass from her mama, who was just on Ellen this week talking about Trump’s mean tweets about her, in which he called her a “filthy-mouthed wife.” Of course, she had the best comeback and laughed off being the topic of the president’s tweets with the host.

Chrissy has been trolled pretty hard for some of her shares and she always calls out her critics, no matter who they might be. Luckily, she keeps right on sharing.

And it’s pretty much always gold.

Now, let’s hope Luna doesn’t outgrow that crush too soon. Our fingers crossed for more crush-gush videos in the future.

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