Chrissy Teigen Hires A Plumber To Get Luna's Lost Tooth -- Yes, Really

by Madison Vanderberg

Chrissy Teigen details Luna’s missing first tooth saga on Instagram

Chrissy Teigen’s five-year-old daughter Luna lost her first tooth, a momentous occasion in any kid’s life because a baby tooth falling gout means a visit from the tooth fairy. However, it was a close call in the Teigen-Legend household because Teigen, **I mean, the tooth fairy**, immediately dropped Luna’s tooth down the sink and it was so bad that they had to get a plumber up in there with plumbing camera technology to fish it out.

Teigen accidentally dropped Luna’s first tooth down the sink and Instagrammed the whole ordeal.

“Luna lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy PROMPTLY dropped it down the sink,” Teigen shared alongside a video of a hapless plumber searching the pipes beneath the sink for an errant baby tooth.

Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Finally, they found the tooth while searching the drain with a camera, which is a super expensive method of ensuring a visit from the tooth fairy, but hey, whatever works, I guess?

Luckily, they found the tooth!

The most important thing is that Luna and her mom were happy, who Instagrammed, “Oh sh*t we found it on the camera! Praise lord I was so sad,” when they found the tooth.

Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Teigen’s tooth fiasco follows a ridiculous mom-shaming incident from last week.

Let’s hope that nobody mom shames Teigen over this completely relatable tooth fairy faux pas, because just last week, Teigen shared a seemingly innocuous and cute photo with her kids at bath time and she got shamed by the anti-naked families on Instagram.

Lots of people had lots of opinions on how Teigen is raising her kids, as if someone asked them, and the mom-shaming took off immediately at full speed. A number of commenters called it “inappropriate” while others leapt to her defense, with one commenter making the salient point that “not normalizing nudity and the naked body is how kids end up with body dysmorphia, poor body image, and shame.”

At any rate, Teigen is a lightning rod for water cooler talk, both negative and positive. Case in point: Teigen dropping her daughter’s baby tooth down the drain had me glued to her Instagram stories like it’s a Podcast about a serial killer. Are they gonna find the tooth? What’s a plumbing camera? Also, why does Teigen’s plumbing drain out into an all-cement subterranean safe house?

After Teigen retrieved Luna’s missing tooth, she returned to her regularly schedule program, namely mouth-watering cooking videos and clips of her growing brood of dogs doing doggy stuff. Carry on Teigen, and Luna, congratulations on losing your first tooth, don’t spend that $1 all in one place because you might have to subsidize your mom’s plumbing bill.