Chrissy's Ultrasound Nerves Are Relatable For Anyone Who's Lost A Pregnancy

by Valerie Williams
Chrissy's Ultrasound Nerves Are Relatable For Anyone Who's Lost A Pregnancy

Chrissy Teigen’s anxiety about early pregnancy is extremely relatable

Like so many moms, Chrissy Teigen has experienced the heartache of pregnancy loss. While all parents are likely to worry in the early weeks of a pregnancy, that worry takes on a new meaning after going through a miscarriage. Teigen is being very open as she shares details about her third pregnancy, including letting fans in on her very relatable fears during those early weeks.

“On weekends we freak out!,” she captions a video of an ultrasound tech checking for her little one’s heartbeat. “Before I’m able to start feeling the kicks, the anxiety gets the best of me and any little bits of spotting or pain freak me ouuuuuut. one day I swear I’ll buy one of these machines but by then I’ll be all done with having monsters!”


Now, the fact that Teigen has the money and resources to instantly quell the panic isn’t remotely relatable to the average mom. But the desire to do so 100% is. I have vivid memories with both my pregnancies of worrying about every little twitch and ache. Until those babies are big enough to kick nice and hard, it’s basically all aboard the anxiety train.

Teigen continues, explaining that big sister Luna is going “on her very first sleepover tonight” and that their new little one is making “some big growth moves of their own.” Thankfully, she reports that “all is well” with her third kiddo.

Of course, Teigen is always wide open with fans about whatever she’s going through, which is why we love her. She has talked publicly about everything from using IVF to have her kids, to removing her breast implants, to her struggles with anxiety. She always keeps it real and in the process, normalizes these experiences and helps other women feel very seen.

Bless Chrissy Teigen for reminding us all that we’re not alone with our pregnancy/parenting/woman worries.