From The Confessional: My Ex’s New Wife Makes Coparenting A Nightmare

by Cassandra Stone

Co-parenting isn’t easy for anyone, but when your ex’s new spouse makes things a total sh*tshow…well, UGH

Co-parenting with an ex-partner or spouse is extremely difficult, especially if the relationship didn’t end amicably. When your ex marries someone new, not only is it hard dealing with the emotional rollercoaster surrounding that, you now have a new person to co-parent with. And if that new spouse is a f*cking nightmare to deal with (likely because your ex is also a nightmare), well, that just plain sucks. And there’s nothing you can do about that (in most cases).

If this is something you’re dealing with, maybe the confessions of the moms below will make you feel less alone. Or heck, maybe they’ll even make you feel better about your own situation.

The kids come first, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Ever.

ExH is trying to make me feel bad for not picking up my kid for Mother’s Day. Let your new wife enjoy the kid, I’ll be drinking champagne all day.

Confessional #12719463

Pretty sure my ex-husband's new wife wishes daily that I would die. I'm going to live forever - if for no other reason than to spite her.

Confessional #8049347

I put a recorder in my dd6's backpack when she went to her father's this weekend. I didn't believe that my exh's new wife was "being horrible" to dd. She is a freaking teacher. But there was extreme verbal abuse. I'm shocked and sick. Fucking whore.

Confessional #3530845

Sometimes, moms feel like the new wife is a nightmare because they’re an “upgrade” from themselves. Which, honestly, is a little heartbreaking.

I feel like I am doing this whole motherhood thing wrong. Sometimes I think my daughter would be better off with her dad and his overachieving new wife.....

Confessional #1766215

DH's new wife is a better stepmom than I am a real mom. She's pretty too. Time to face the ugly truth: he upgraded. I cry a lot.

Confessional #1765169

Pretty sure my exH's new wife is a Scary Mommy, but we will never, ever discuss it. We can barely exchange a greeting with civility.

Confessional #1744708

Xh new wife asked me for sex tips to do with xh,not sure what's worse that I vomited in her shirt or the question that she asked me.This was not part of the divorce decree..I need a shot of hard liquor

Confessional #1718354

My xh's new wife is a better mother than I am. I honestly think they are better off without me.

Confessional #1643213

Asking your husband’s ex-wife for “sex tips”? ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. NO. NOPE.

I never bitch slapped anyone until I met my xh new wife,she put my 8&9 yr on a flight to a different state w/o our consent where they knew no one.I flew cross country to bitch slap her for it..worth it every penny spent.

Confessional #1718019

HOLY CRAP. If ever there were a justified reason for a bitch-slap, well, call me Zsa Zsa Gabor because I’d be unable to control my open hand if that happened to me.

I want to spend $300 on a pair of boots and wear them in front of my exH new wife. Mainly b/c she tells the boys I only buy stuff for myself and not them (I'm sole supporter). Oh, and she says I buy my friends. Bitch.

Confessional #1674411

Every time my daughter visits her father I give her lots of sugar before she leaves. The new wife won't let her have any. I'm constantly told I'm her favorite parent :-)

Confessional #1633723

Oof, co-parenting with your ex’s new spouse who controls your kids’ diet? NO THANKS.

I discovered my ex's new wife trash talking me on a step-parent venting site. She trashes my kids and my ex (her dh) too. She has no idea I know about it. I check it daily. She sounds utterly miserable with my ex and kids.

Confessional #1610013

Everytime I screw up something with ds I assume exes new wife is enjoying it. Paralyzed from doing anything from worry ill screw it up and she will judge (I'm sure it's because I judge her and enjoy every mistake she makes)

Confessional #1589957

My sick ex husband sent a photo of his new wife performing a sexual act on him to my phone, to which our son answered and saw. Nothing ever happens to him when I report him, which is why he will keep doing it :(

Confessional #1505372

OK, that’s a whole new level of “nightmare.” Jesus.

Crazy exh's new wife texted my 22 year old daughter berating her because her father was upset because she didn't do anything for father's day. Payback for forgetting to wish her HB until her little sister reminded him.

Confessional #1476023

I really hate the ex dh's new wife sometimes. Normally we get along fine, but every once in a while I would love to punch her the fuck out!!

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No matter what the situation is, co-parenting is tough AF. When you don’t have control over the situation or how your kids are treated when you’re not around, it’s no wonder these moms are stressed out.