These Colorful Puzzles Are Literally Designed To Help You Feel Calm

by Christina Marfice
These Colorful Puzzles Are Literally Designed To Help You Feel Calm
Together Apart Games

This is the puzzle you’ll need for the next coronavirus lockdown

Much of the U.S. may be opening up right now after months of coronavirus lockdown, but there’s not really any medical or scientific reason they should be. In much of the country, coronavirus cases are still on the rise, so while we get that people are bored with staying home, they really should continue to do that, in the interest of public health. The economy must go on, however, so while we enjoy this brief respite before the next huge wave of infections almost certainly hits, it’s a good time to stock up on supplies for the next lockdown, like this puzzle.

This 1000-piece color wheel puzzle may look like a beast, but it’s actually designed to make you feel more and more serene as you solve it.

According to the creators, “All jigsaw puzzles are peaceful entertainment, but these in particular are designed to bring a sense of calm as they’re solved.”

That sounds like exactly what we’ll need when we’re forced back inside because of another wave of illness that will more than likely be met with more government fumbling. Yes, please.

I mean, I can see it. A 1000-piece puzzle is a substantial job, but this one features that smooth color gradient that should mean there are no surprises when it comes to figuring out where pieces go. As far as jigsaws go, this one likely would be less frustrating than most. And seeing the color wheel slowly come together does kind of sound like it could inspire some calm, which, let’s be honest, we’re all going to need as this public health crisis continues unchecked by our government.

If you want to give it a try, the color wheel puzzle is currently on sale for $79 from Together Apart.

Or, if you’d rather have a puzzle experience that mimics your feelings about the current state of our country, have we got some recommendations for you. There’s the puzzle that’s made of clear pieces. Or the one that only has black pieces — good luck putting that guy together. Or if you just want to spend as much time as possible on a pretty mindless activity, Kodak sells a 51,300-piece puzzle that just might take you until the pandemic is over to finish — provided our leadership starts taking some sort of action to protect our health and save American lives. The point is, you’ve got options. And you’ll need them, because this crisis is not even close to over, no matter what the administration may say.