Woman Crashes Chanel Runway Until Gigi Hadid Says 'Nope'

by Julie Scagell

Model Gigi Hadid escorted the comedian crasher off-stage

Perhaps you’ve dreamt about being a runway model dressed in designer duds, hair and makeup done by a professional, and walking out in front of an ohhhh’ing and ahhhh’ing audience while strutting your stuff? Well, one woman decided to just go for it without an invitation at a Chanel show and it’s something you really have to see to fully appreciate.

It was the finale of the spring 2020 Chanel presentation during Paris Fashion Week at the Grand Palais and gorgeous models were doing their thing dressed to the nines in All Of The Tweed just minding their own business when a woman hurled herself on stage, gave a slight look back over her shoulder, and casually blended in with the rest of the models. Well, sort of.

Security guards immediately jumped to action but with all the women, including the runway crasher, dressed in different tweed patterns, it seems they got confused about which one was actually the culprit. Lucky for them, Gigi Hadid was there to boldly save the day.

Hadid, 24, who was posing as part of the show’s finale in front of the photo pit, greeted the woman and had a word or two, then placed a hand on her shoulder, escorting her off the runway before she tripped and fell, which is what most of us would do walking in heels on a catwalk.

People were clearly amused by her performance — and Hadid’s quick thinking:

Sources later identified the crasher as comedian Marie Benoliele, best known as Marie S’Infiltre, who is also a YouTube personality with quite a following on Instagram. She also stars in a one-woman show at the Comédie des Champs Elysées theatre. In case you’re wondering, her name translates to “Marie inserts herself,” which seems perfect for this occasion.

Victor VIRGILE/Getty

Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Speaking to CNN, Benoliel didn’t say how she actually gained access to the highly secure runway or what happened when she left, but said, “Let’s say that the way it happened was probably not the smoothest, but I have known worse.” She also gave some commentary about the back-and-forth between her and Hadid. “Gigi was quite nervous by all means and reacted quite aggressively to me. She clearly did not understand my comic approach,” she said. “I understand her reaction somewhat and continue to love her in spite of that.”

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty

Corbis via Getty Images

In 2017, she also famously crashed the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, with the words “seeking role” and a phone number written on her back. So, who could possibly be this woman’s role model? Sacha Baron Cohen, of course, telling CNN that her comedy is an “exhaustive satire about our society.”

She continued: “I am not making fun of people, I am pointing out how silly some people can be when they lack distance and thinking.”