Cop Transforms Into Superheroes To Surprise Kids In The Hospital

by Jerriann Sullivan
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He’s played Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Optimus Prime when visiting kids in hospitals

A Texas police officer who spends his days fighting crime has an even bigger passion: bringing joy to sick kids by dressing up as their favorite superhero. Damon Cole has spent countless hours and his own money making sure children fighting rare diseases can meet Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman, and Optimus Prime.

Cole’s been a police officer since 1999 and currently works in Fort Worth, Texas. “I wanted to try and make a big impact on the children that I come in contact with at work. Every child should know that a police officer is always there to help them through anything,” he explains on his website.

To do that, Cole sewed a Superman logo onto his bulletproof vest, so when he talked to kids on a call he could show them his superhero proof and win them over. “At this point, the children go crazy, and they usually ask me where my cape is. I tell them that I cannot wear it with my uniform because it will get wrinkled,” Cole shared. “From that moment on the child will always remember me and that will make it easier for me to help them.”

Since kids love superheroes, Cole started dressing like Superman and visiting kids in hospitals. In April 2015 he took his one-man superhero act on the road to help brave, young kids battling serious illnesses. “I learned of a 7-year-old boy named Bryce Schottel who had cancer,” Cole said. Bryce loves Superman, so Cole used some vacation time and made the 11-hour drive to Illinois to see the little guy. “I just knew I had to make the trip up there,” Cole explained. “Bryce was smiling ear to ear. I showed him my Superman car and I gave him some Superman stuff. I gave him one of my extra Superman capes and he loved it.”

The Texas cop spent hours playing video games with the little boy and attended a fundraising event, dressed as Superman of course, for Bryce and his family. “It was such a great experience to see how happy I had made him and his family and that is when I knew that I had found my calling,” Cole shared. “Ever since then, I will go anywhere to see any child, so I can have the same impact on them as I did with Bryce and his family.”

Cole has spent the last five years buying different superhero costumes based on the needs of the sick kids who write to him through his website. “I am very picky about all my costumes,” he said. “Because I want to have a lasting impression on every child I meet.”

So far, the full-time police officer and father has traveled to Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, New York City, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, and throughout Texas dressed as various superheroes to bring a little bit of fun to the kids who need it most. “I want to inspire people,” Cole shared. “I want someone to look at me and say, because of you I didn’t give up.”

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