Are These 10 Crystal Coloring Pages Full Of Mystical Beauty? Of Quartz!

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Crystal Coloring Pages
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A crystal collection is the new rock collection, except far prettier, more magical, and — well, dare we say? — cooler. Most of us have watched crystals take over the wellness industry in recent years (if you haven’t, you might’ve been living under *ahem* a rock). So, what’s the appeal? Crystals add a bit of witchy mysticism into our lives while promising to make them just a little bit better. If this sounds all a little “woo woo” for you, then you’re not alone. But even if you don’t get your rocks off by a bunch of crystals, you can’t deny their beauty and magnetism. And that, friends, makes crystal coloring pages a perfect DIY activity to do with your little ones (or by yourself).

The theory behind crystals is that sparkly semi-precious stones connect us to universal energy, which, in turn, can help heal various elements in our lives. For example, a rose quartz stone is thought to help heal love and relationships. Because they’re made from life-giving natural elements, like the Earth and the ocean, crystals are believed to hold a special vibration, particularly when we make a conscious intention and allow ourselves to be truly open to transformation in new, magical ways.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Good! You’ll dive deep into the sparkly world of crystals with these free coloring printable pages, learning a bit more about crystals along the way. With these free and fantastical images, you’re sure to have an otherworldly afternoon with your little ones. And if you want to lean further into your Earth goddess vibes once you finish these, try our zodiac coloring pages, forest coloring pages, moon coloring pages, aesthetic coloring pages, and snake coloring pages.

Free Printable Crystal Coloring Pages

Crystal Page No. 1

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Crystals might be trendy, but they are far from new when it comes to their known healing powers. These stones have been on the planet for millions of years, with records dating as far back as 6,000 years describing them being used in healing. Did you know salt crystals are also part of the crystal family? Even snowflakes are considered ice crystals.

Crystal Page No. 2

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Crystals are known to have unique healing and energetic properties that can amplify and raise your vibe. There’s pretty much a crystal for every facet of your life, from career to love to money. They’re also known to help heal various issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Crystal Page No. 3

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How do crystals work? It’s all about activation and intentions. Each crystal has a specific meaning, so you will want to keep your intention aligned with the energetic charge of the crystal. For example, moonstone is an excellent stone for intuition and fertility.

Crystal Page No. 4

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Now for the loaded question: Do crystals work? The short answer is that, while crystals have been used in many different cultures for centuries, you probably shouldn’t use them to replace traditional medicine.

Crystal Page No. 5

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OK, so how are crystals created? Crystals are formed in a variety of different ways called crystallization. As a result of the process, they are made from a special kind of solid material where the molecules fit together in a pattern that keeps repeating itself. Due to these patterns, crystals form all sorts of unique shapes. But did you know crystals are grown artificially too? Scientists have found ways to make crystals in labs. What a sparkly idea! And here’s a bonus scientific piece of information: There are also four kinds of crystals: Covalent, metallic, molecular, and ionic.

Crystal Page No. 6

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Back to the mysticism! Keeping and storing crystals the right way is crucial in keeping their energy high. You can do this by charging and cleansing them regularly. Need an example? Place them in a bowl of salt water overnight and/or underneath a full moon.

Crystal Page No. 7

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Amethyst is a popular purple crystal and is known to help alleviate anxiety and rid you of addictions. It may also enhance your spiritual side.

Crystal Page No. 8

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Crystal quartz is another popular crystal. In addition to stimulating your crown chakra, it helps you center yourself and heal from past pain and negative thinking.

Crystal Page No. 9

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Many people keep their crystals on a personal altar in their homes. Some women are known to carry them in their bras for even better protection!

Crystal Page No. 10

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No matter what you might think of them, crystals serve as a wonderful (and pretty!) reminder of Mother Nature’s abundance. And just look at that moon! Do you know how the crescent moon got its name? It comes from the Latin verb crescere, which means “to grow.” Ever 29 days, you’ll see this moon shape in the night sky.

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