'Daniel Tiger' Will Cover Quarantine And Face Masks In New Season

by Cassandra Stone
'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' Will Teach Kids About Quarantining And Masks

The season will start with a musical special covering the challenges for kids during the pandemic

PBS Kids is as genuine and pure a gift to parents and kids alike as any television station could possibly be, truly. Now Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is following in the footsteps of Sesame Street by helping our kids cope through the COVID-19 pandemic and all it entails for young kids (and, let’s be honest, grown-ups too). The upcoming season of the popular preschool-age show will cover all of these things and more, starting with a music-filled special airing next month.

In the special, Daniel learns he can’t gather with all of his friends at the Neighborhood Carnival this year because of the pandemic. He understandably has many feelings and questions about everything that’s going on — he misses the people he loves and he doesn’t want anyone to get sick…just like our kiddos. The special will show Daniel finding ways to enjoy the extra time at home with his Tiger family.

“As COVID-19 continues to pose challenges to families across the country, PBS KIDS is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of children, parents, and caregivers,” said Lesli Rotenberg, the Chief Programming Executive and General Manager, Children’s Media and Education of PBS. “Learning lies at the heart of our mission, and we’ve been proud to be able to step in and offer at-home learning solutions, content and resources, like this timely special from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, that reach kids where they are with age-appropriate lessons – especially in areas where families may have limited or no access to broadband internet.”

The full season will showcase other relatable and very timely storylines, like how to keep preschoolers learning even if they aren’t in school, and how to navigate the “new” world around them. Paul Siefken, President and CEO of Fred Rogers Productions, says the upcoming episodes will touch on everything preschoolers are facing right now, in real-time.

“In addition to the upcoming special, the season will include episodes about sudden changes at school, separation from family members, staying safe, hospital stays, respecting one’s personal space, disappointment, generosity, and grown-ups taking care of you,” he says.

Daniel and his friends will also learn the standard lessons of life at their age, like how to manage sibling rivalry, wanting to be “big enough” to do things independently, coping with accidents, following rules and listening, and, of course, having fun in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

While nothing can take away the sadness and frustration kids of all ages are feeling right now when it comes to life and school, there is some solace in knowing that, as always, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is here to validate our littles. Parents everywhere can give a little “ugga mugga” to that.