90+ Dares For Truth Or Dare That Are Kid Friendly But Kinda Awesome

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Dares For Truth Or Dare
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Grown-ups and big kids aren’t the only ones who like to play Truth or Dare. Younger kids want to get in on the action, too. The problem? Most television shows and movies tailor their Truth or Dare games to bigger kids and teens. That doesn’t mean you have to let your kids grow up too fast or completely ruin their fun, though. There are tons of dares that are totally appropriate for kids and young tweens. That means it’s totally fine to let them play Truth or Dare at their very first sleepover… just offer some distant but helpful adult supervision. Maybe even start things off close by, so you can offer suggestions that fit well with the expectations you have for that particular age group.

Of course, each community, each family, and each kid is different. What might be totally appropriate for one family might not be OK with yours. That can make sleepovers and games even more challenging. If any of these dares steer things in a direction you’d rather not go, it’s OK to leave them off or edit them to better fit your rules. All that really matters is that your kids have a blast while playing a cool game that is both fun and age-appropriate. (Easier said than done, right?)

Daring and Fun Dares for Kids

1. Go outside and yell the name of your best friend.

2. Go grab more snacks, while acting like T-Rex. 3. Moonwalk to the kitchen and grab more snacks. 4. Act like a monkey for 30 seconds. 5. Let someone crack an egg over your head. 6. Answer every question like a JEOPARDY! question. 7. Eat your snack (something messy) with no hands. 8. Call a friend who couldn’t come and talk in a weird accent until they guess who it is. 9. Try to juggle eggs (best to keep this outside). 10. Tell the group about the scariest nightmare you remember having. 11. Do the macarena (or any other crazy dance) for one minute while standing on the front lawn. 12. Let someone else do your makeup. 13. Do your own makeup but with your eyes closed. 14. Go try to cuddle with the host’s mom. 15. Try to hold an ice cube until it melts.

More Dares for Truth or Dare Time for Kids

16. Go outside and clap a lot while yelling, “I believe in fairies!”

17. See how many push-ups you can do. 18. Sing your favorite Disney song. 19. Come up with the silliest laugh you can and use it the rest of the night. 20. Give someone a piggyback ride. 21. Eat a spoonful of cocoa powder. 22. Let us make a social media post on your account (if the child is old enough). 23. Let us choose your profile picture (you have to leave it up for an hour). 24. Try a cracker bomb (hot sauce in an oyster cracker). 25. Play fetch. 26. Go ask someone not in the room if you can borrow a pair of socks. 27. Show us your best dance moves. 28. Sing karaoke to your favorite song. 29. Run 10 laps around the room. 30. Write your name with the wrong hand.

Even More Fun Dares for Kids

31. Make up a poem about your favorite article of clothing.

32. Act like a chicken. 33. Run around the house as many times as you can. 34. Talk like an English person for the rest of the game. 35. Speak with a French accent for the rest of the game. 36. For the rest of the night, wink at the end of each sentence. 37. Sing the national anthem like you’re a country singer. 38. Walk backward everywhere you go for the rest of the night. 39. Let us make a weird snack for you to eat. 40. Ask someone to slow dance with you for one whole song. 41. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment. 42. Try to put your foot behind your head. 43. Spin in circles for 30 seconds. 44. Record a video like you’re an influencer selling something silly. 45. Smell our breaths and guess what we ate last. 46. Pick out a stuffed animal, take it everywhere with you tonight, and treat it like one of your friends. 47. Show us your best air guitar. 48. Try to touch your nose with your tongue while we take a picture. 49. Go take a selfie with the closest adults. 50. Walk around the room with a book on your head. 51. Answer your next truth to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” 52. Eat a whole plate of food without using your hands. 53. Answer the phone like a cat next time it rings. 54. Fill your mouth with Cheerios and sing the national anthem. 55. Call your parents by their first names and see their reactions. 56. Send a text using your toes.

Yep, Even More Kid-Friendly Dares

57. Stack cookies or crackers on your forehead. (Sorry, Mom!)

58. Let the person next to you mummify you with toilet paper. 59. Sing the ABC song backward while hopping up and down. 60. Using a hairbrush as a microphone, put on a living room rock concert. 61. Imitate your favorite cartoon characters and see how many your friends can guess. 62. Blow up 10 balloons and then sit on each one until it pops. 63. Hula hoop (with an imaginary hoop) for three minutes. 64. Let the person next to you give you a new hairstyle. 65. Try to identify each player’s shoes just by sniffing them. 66. Eat a spoonful of sugar. 67. Swallow a spoonful of hot sauce. 68. Do your best Buzz Lightyear impression. 69. Take a really silly selfie and put it on your Story. 70. Put a spoon on your nose and try to keep it there for as long as possible. 71. Stuff as many marshmallows (or grapes, donut holes, etc.) into your mouth as you can! 72. Use the driveway as a catwalk for five minutes, while giving the model wave to any passing cars or people. 73. Draw a mustache on yourself without a mirror. 74. Let someone tickle you for 30 seconds. 75. Talk in the third person for the rest of the game. 76. Be a commentator for the remainder of the game. 77. Turn all of your clothes inside out and wear them like that for the remainder of the game. 78. Blow bubbles in water with a straw… using your nose. 79. Try to kiss your knees (really try!). 80. Do a two-minute stand-up comedy routine. 81. Chug a cup of prune juice. 82. Sniff the inside of everyone in the room’s shoes and declare who has the stinkiest feet! 83. Do 30 squats while singing the Alphabet Song. 84. Keep your eyes closed until your next turn. 85. Mix every (non-alcoholic) drink you can find in the fridge in one cup, and then take a big drink of it. 86. Talk like a cowboy or cowgirl for the rest of the game. 87. Do the cha-cha while you sing the happy birthday song. 88. Wear your shoes on your hand for the next 15 minutes. 89. Sing everything you have to say for the rest of the game. 90. Switch clothes with someone in the room. 91. Have someone in the room make a mystery sandwich using whatever ingredients they want from the fridge… and then take a bite. 92. Spin around for 10 seconds and then try to stand on one leg. 93. Dance for 10 seconds. 94. Have a silly conversation with yourself for 20 seconds. 95. Call everyone Carol for the rest of the party.

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