From The Confessional: These Confessions Might Swear You Off Dating Forever

by Cassandra Stone
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These dating confessions will leave you saying, “NO THANKS”

When you’re a single parent, simply getting in the right emotional and mental space to even consider dating is a monumental feat in itself. Especially if you’ve been burned before, right? So it’s especially disheartening when you gear yourself up to “get out there” and it ends up being an absolute nightmare.

These moms are sharing some serious horror stories about navigating the dating world as a single parent. Not that dating during a global pandemic is an ideal scenario for anyone, of course. There’s so much to worry about with dating as it is — will your kids hate the person you’re going out with? Will the person you’re going out with hate your kids (in which case, BYE)? Are you ready to…do it with someone new? What if they’re bad? What if you’re bad?

I should have listened to DS when I first started dating SO and he told me he was a piece of shit. Seriously y’all. If your kid doesn’t like the guy your dating stop dating him.

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I’m moving in with my boyfriend and we’re both in our 50’s. My adult DD is not happy as she wants me to stay single. Dating doesn’t get easier with grown children.

Confessional #25818543 another man addicted to porn:(

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This guy is crazy. Told me he was okay just dating. Then he wanted more. Told me he was divorced (had "paperwork" to prove it) said he was okay with my living situation. He wasn't. I'm scared. I want him to leave me alone, I want him to stop stalking me.

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Finding out the person you’re dating is a total creep after they already have your number and know where you live is a freaking nightmare scenario. It’s bad enough if you live alone, but when there are kids involved? SHUDDER.

Basically, you have to be a full-time detective to date nowadays.

I really think I should’ve leaned towards dating women—I feel regret for not even trying it because I was scared of what the world and others would say if I was gay

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As soon as I start dating someone, I immediately dig to find out if he or anyone in his family has problems w/mental illness, violence, addictions, crime, or holding onto a job. If he does, I drop him like a hot rock. It's harsh, but I find it's needed.

Confessional #25814888

Dating a very successful and wealthy man.... super good looking, great sex, and very compatible in general. But he doesn’t want to take things further because I have kids. Fml

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Started dating this guy who seemed really cool. He's controlling, a manipulator & has some serious issues. Wanted to move in together right away. Nope. talked marriage quickly. nope. tried buying my love. nope. Got to break him off without him being crazy

Confessional #25813436

If someone you’re dating is trying to compete with your family for your attention, that’s a big ol’ BYE FELICIA.

Some guy I was dating a while back suddenly took his clothes off in my living room and started flinging his dick around. I laughed so much that he grabbed his clothes and ran. I never heard from him again. Dude...that is NOT the way to a woman's heart!

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Online dating sucks! I can get a date every day, but they ALL have some fatal flaw. So I keep making up excuses to hang out with my best male friend to see if we can spark something. Logic and science shouldn't be THAT high of a bar in a partner.

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I'm a fairly young widow. The reason I am not interested in dating is because I don't care about sex. Would be nice to have a partner/companion but I am not going back to being someone's guaranteed lay. Not to mention there are some freaks out there.

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We talk all the time.. serious stuff. Funny stuff. He makes me laugh.. and feel safe. The sex is the best I’ve ever had. What’s ruining it is that he’s still dating someone else when we are so clearly a perfect match. Break up w her already! Damn.

Confessional #25806656

I avoid dating by lying I have a bf in a neighbouring state.

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A lot of moms in the Confessional realized they were bisexual after getting out of cishet marriages. (And honestly according to TikTok, this appears to be a pretty common realization among women a little later in life).

If bf would let me I'd seriously have a secret gf. I really just need to feel another woman every once in a while. I feel all pent up, like im gonna explode. I fucking hate being bisexual in a heterosexual relationship..

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I'm married, bisexual and poly. But it's so hard to meet women to date. Like just because I'm married doesn't mean that I can't fall in love with someone else and it doesn't diminish my love for my husband.

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Other moms are just totally fed up with dating anyone, ever again, period.

Separated soon to be divorced mom here. Decided to get into the dating world, think he tried to catfish me. Why are men such assholes?! Think ill just stay single!

Confessional #25796445

I won't know for sure for a few hours, but I think someone just texted me for a few days to get off and then ghosted me. And it hurts even thinking that. So much for getting back into dating.

Confessional #25793505

Friends expect me to be positive and excited about getting a divorce and possibly dating. But I’m in my 50s, tired, not cute anymore and sort of bitter if I’m honest. No one is going to date me or love me. Sorry to bring you down friends but it is true.

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Ghosted again. Fucking seriously. I give up. Investing all that time I was wasting on “dating into revamping my cooking to be uber healthy instead. Not for a man, though. For me and my family. Fuck it. I might as well kick ass.”

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Dating and all that goes with it — putting yourself out there, learning how to trust someone enough for even one single evening out, facing the possibility of rejection at every turn, worrying whoever you choose will end up deserving your rejection — is so, so hard at any age. But especially when you’ve already been down that road before, been burned, and are trying to do navigate it again but it’s always new, always changing, and there are so many possibilities for disaster.

Let these stories serve as a warning, if nothing else!