Dax Shepard's Daughter Makes Him Adorable 'Happy Sobriety' Card

by Valerie Williams
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Amanda Edwards/Getty/Instagram

Dax Shepard’s daughter made the sweetest card to celebrate her dad’s 16-year sobriety anniversary

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are pretty open about their family and personal lives, almost always to the benefit of others. From sharing their marital bumps in the road during the coronavirus pandemic to admitting that homeschooling is hard AF, this couple always keeps it real. That includes being candid about Shepard’s journey through addiction and recovery, and it looks like the parents of two young daughters are honest with them too as evidenced by the sweet “Happy Sobriety” card one of them made for Shepard to recognize his 16-year sobriety “birthday.”

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“Today is my husband’s 16th sobriety birthday,” Bell writes. “My daughter woke him up with this sign, and a sketch of the one and only Ronald Weasley (absolutely random, and also perfect). Happy birthday Daxy. Thank you for dedicating your life to the hard and wonderful work of sobriety, so that we could share it with you.”

I mean. This is everything.

Kristen Bell/Instagram

Bell doesn’t specify if the card was made by seven-year-old Lincoln or five-year-old Delta, but regardless, it’s the stinking cutest. She drew a mean Ron Weasley and her letters are written perfectly. We imagine Dax is a proud daddy on multiple levels.

Now can we take a minute to note how amazing it is that their young girls know about their dad’s huge milestone? Some parents might take pains to hide a struggle with addiction and that’s their prerogative, but since Shepard is obviously very famous, the pair’s daughters will find out anyway once they’re old enough to Google him. Addiction can touch absolutely anyone and there’s no shame in it, so the fact that the girls are included on his journey is pretty damn incredible.

Because what better way to raise empathetic kids than to show them firsthand that their parents aren’t perfect, but that they’re working damn hard? Shepard and Bell are killing it as parents.

The famous couple are very private when it comes to showing their daughters’ faces to the world, but they still talk about them plenty on social media, always to adorable effect.


Though we would love to see their undoubtedly sweet faces, it’s totally understandable that their parents want to protect their privacy. We’ll take whatever we can get, especially their precious artwork honoring their dad’s huge achievement.

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