Dead Sea Mud Masks Are A Must-Have

by Sara Farrell Baker
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Every 28 days, my face turns into a mini-minefield. My chin and forehead break out in bumps as a sort of “Your life is about to be completely miserable, let’s make your face suck, too,” welcome before my period starts. It makes me want to punch puppies, and I am normally very tolerant of puppies.

During my last period-induced breakout, I tried my first dead sea mud mask. This one came with a cute little brush. I’m assuming so I could paint things like “I hate you, Aunt Flo!” on my forehead before fully applying the mask. Once it was on (it takes surprisingly little to cover your face) and my angry graffiti was covered up, I sat back and waited for the mask to do its thing.


My son calls these my head masks and loves when I put one on because once it dries, my skin is really tight and I talk a little funny. He hasn’t said I look like a swamp monster or anything yet, so I’ll take these interactions. Usually, when a mask dries, I need a washcloth on standby to scrub off the caked-on bits stuck in my pores and around my nose. But this mask was surprisingly easy to rinse off. I love easy!

There was an immediate difference in my skin. My pores looked smaller, and my acne had shrunk, and the bumps were less red. Some of the smaller ones seemed to be gone entirely. My skin felt smooth and clean. It also felt moisturized, which I wasn’t expecting. Mud masks tend to dry me out a little bit, but this one is packed with things like shea butter and jojoba oil. I usually have to do a hydrating mask after a clay mask, but I felt comfortable skipping that step this time.

Instead of skin that looked like I should be sitting in the back of a middle school classroom with braces and crimped hair, I was left with healthy skin and a smoother canvas for my makeup. It was a much nicer start to Period Hell than I have had in a while.

This dead sea mud mask is going in the “keep” pile. I try a lot of new products pretty frequently, and most don’t make it into my weekly rotation. It definitely earned its spot.

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