Disney Is Releasing Series Of New 'Frozen' Shorts Made Entirely At Home

by Christina Marfice
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Disney Is Releasing Series Of New 'Frozen' Shorts Made Entirely At Home
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Disney is making quarantine a little more fun with a new digital series — that animators made entirely from home

At this point, it’s probably safe to say we’re all going a little stir-crazy at home. Yes, it’s the best thing we can do to maintain social distancing that will keep us safe from illness and help flatten the curve. But that doesn’t make it fun, or easy. Luckily, our favorite entertainment providers seem to be hearing our call, and stepping up to create tons of new content that’s serving to make our quarantines and lockdowns a lot more bearable. And if you have Frozen-obsessed kids quarantining with you (because what kid isn’t Frozen-obsessed right now), you’re going to love the latest offering from Disney.

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Before you head to Disney Plus and hit play on Frozen II for the hundred-millionth time, check this out.

Yep, that’s right. Disney animators just dropped the first episode in a new digital series starring Olaf. And to make it even better, animator Hyrum Osmond created this whole short while working from home. And then Josh Gad provided the voice of Olaf, from home. Everyone’s supposed to be staying home right now, and so, without animation studios or recording equipment, Osmond and Gad just did this. They are the working-from-home productivity example we clearly all need in our lives.

In the short, adorable-as-always Olaf is tossing around some snowballs, when he accidentally grabs the head of a tiny snowman and, thinking it’s one of his toys, chucks it into the woods of Arendelle. Don’t worry, though — the head finds its way back to its body and everything turns out fine.

Sure, the short is only 50 seconds long. But when you think about all the time and work that goes into creating an animation like this, it’s pretty incredible that someone made it from their living room. For some context, it took a team of 75 animators around four years to do all the animation for Frozen II. So this is pretty mind blowing, just saying.

And for your stir-crazy, stuck-at-home kids, there are more (presumably Olaf-themed) shorts coming. Disney announced in the tweet they dropped this video in that At Home With Olaf is going to be a new digital series. What we don’t know yet is whether they’ll continue releasing episodes on social media, or if you’ll need to be a Disney Plus subscriber to see later episodes.

But let’s face it — if you’re quarantining with a kid, you’re already a Disney Plus subscriber. Happy watching!

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