The Disney Parks-Themed Version Of Monopoly Is Finally Back In Stock

by Valerie Williams
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You Can Own A Disney Parks-Themed Version Of Monopoly
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Disney Parks-themed Monopoly can help fill the magic void while the parks are closed

As it became clear weeks ago that the Disney parks wouldn’t be reopening any time soon, families cancelled or postponed long-planned trips and are getting their Disney fixes at home. Between early VOD release for Onward and sharing popular parks-only recipes, Disney has been there for us even when we can’t physically go and visit. Now, you can play a special game of Monopoly that’s all about Disneyland and Disney World.

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The classic board game‘s revamped Disney version is available on the Shop Disney website for $49.99. Well worth the price for the level of adorable Disney Parks-specific detail you get inside the box. For awhile, the Monopoly game was completely sold out. We just learned Disney restocked the game, so we’re adding to our carts as quickly as possible.


“Combine the world’s most popular theme parks with the world’s most popular board game and you’ll have the world’s most fun! This edition features exciting new properties, your favorite attractions, Disney character tokens, and a pop-up Disney castle,” the product description reads. Stops on the board include iconic Disney Parks rides such as: Sleeping Beauty Castle, Space Mountain, Disney Skyliner, and The Haunted Mansion.


The board’s centerpiece is a pop-up Fantasyland Castle and the usual Monopoly houses and hotels are replaced with Toontown Houses and Castles. Magic and Fantasy cards replace Chance and Community Chest and game tokens include mouse ears, Cinderella’s glass slipper, and more. The classic Monopoly money has a magical Disney-touched redesign too.

As we reach the very end of what our streaming services have to offer while at home under quarantine for weeks, a new board game the whole family can enjoy is absolutely welcome — and hopefully less frustrating for everyone than puzzles. And if you had to break the sad news of a cancelled Disney trip to your kiddos recently, this might make for a nice family fun night to distract from the disappointment.

And if you’re looking for even more Disney-related board game entertainment, you can pre-order Baby Yoda Monopoly. It won’t arrive until September, but it’s never a bad time to get a Baby Yoda-related gift in the mail, honestly.


The game pieces are Baby Yoda in various poses: eating a frog, using the force, drinking a cup of broth, and sitting in his floating bassinet. It’s truly too cute to even exist, and yet, here we are.

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The world might be feeling bleak right now, but Disney certainly has our backs when it comes to passing the time and having a little fun.

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