Disney World Is Making It Easier To Access Healthcare On-Site

Disney Parks/Youtube

The new program will make it easier to access prescriptions and medical equipment, as well as receive healthcare of all levels, without leaving Disney property

Among the many stressful parts of planning a vacation for parents is, no doubt, worries about unforeseen health issues that may pop up, from a stomach bug to leaving behind medication to a need for emergency medical care while you’re away.

The House of Mouse is making things easier for the millions of visitors from all over the world to Walt Disney World, offering new, comprehensive on-site healthcare services that will help parents breathe a sigh of relief before they even enter those magical gates. Disney just announced they’re partnering with Florida-based AdventHealth to “provide a range of health care services and vacation-planning tools that will meet a broader variety of needs, making it easier for those who have pre-existing health conditions or unexpected health care needs plan their vacations and receive care when they arrive in Central Florida.”

Currently, access to medical care at Disney World can be disjointed and stressful, depending on the situation. There are first aid locations at each the water and theme park for over-the-counter medications, bandages, and other quick remedies for minor ailments during operating hours, with storage space for medications that require refrigeration. There’s also an off-site urgent care center with complimentary transportation from anywhere in the resort, and a nearby off-site hospital for urgent or emergency medical treatment. But these new “expanded offerings” aim to make it easier for visitors who need to access prescriptions or medical equipment during their trip, along with virtual or in-person doctor’s appointments, to quickly and more seamlessly get the care they need.

The new wellness resources can help you plan for medical care as you plan your trip, offering online tools through the My Disney Experience app and a virtual concierge experience center that can help you schedule virtual or in-person appointments and medical equipment and prescription delivery to Disney hotels.

Along with the new planning tools, AdventHealth is opening a new emergency room location at Flamingo Crossings Town Center, located on the western edge of the resort. Not only is this location easier to access for visitors, but the pediatric wing (aptly titled the Walt Disney Pavilion at AdventHealth for Children) will be filled with Disney magic to help make the littlest patients feel cared for and safe during their stay.

These changes were no doubt inspired by the unpredictable public health challenges faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it certainly seems like the Florida result is hoping to make planning for parents and guests of all ages a lot less stressful going forward.