You Donut Want To Miss These 12 Tasty Donut Coloring Pages

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Donut Coloring Pages
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Craving donuts? Join the club, friend. These circular treats make the world go round. Seriously, over 10 billion donuts are made each year in the U.S. alone! But if you’re fresh out — and don’t have the baking supplies to whip up a homemade batch — donut coloring pages might help satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, coloring is the kind of DIY at-home activity that serves as a fantastic distraction. And you’ll need one to keep you from focusing on hunger pangs when you think about gobbling down a baker’s dozen. In other words, you donut want to miss out (yep, we’ve got donut puns for days) on this much fun.

Donut coloring pages are also an excellent creative outlet since these donuts — like their tasty real-life counterparts — come in all different colors and formations. If you’re a self-professed donut connoisseur, you undoubtedly know that there are no bounds when it comes to the lip-smacking brilliance of donuts. Some of the best don’t even have a hole. Whether it’s a jelly, a creme-filled, a sour cream, or a full-on chocolate donut, this pasty always proves delicious. You might prefer your donuts in the morning as a quick breakfast and sugar rush or as a dessert when you want a sweet treat.

Regardless of your personal donut-inhaling preferences, it’s safe to admit that donuts are beloved. And once you finish filling in these a-glaze-ing donut coloring pages, you can move on to our free printables focusing on some other iconic edible creations: pizza coloring pages, cake coloring pages, cupcake coloring pages, and ice cream coloring pages.

Free Printable Donut Coloring Pages

Donut Page No. 1

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It may not make for the healthiest breakfast, but three glazed donuts and a glass of milk seems like the perfect first meal of the day for someone on the road. Try to think up fun frosting flavors for the two on the left, as nothing is off-limits. Also, that milk could easily be orange juice if you feel the need to add a bit of fruit in the mix.

Donut Page No. 2

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These donuts look like something a delightful local bakery whipped up. While they both appear to be chocolate, the frosting color is entirely up to you. We suggest going for a theme. For example, if you went with a beach theme, you could make the donut with lines look like a colorful striped towel. The other donut just begs to be turned into an aerial view of the ocean (don’t those oblong sprinkles kind of resemble surfboards sitting on the surface of the water?).

Donut Page No. 3

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Here are two more from the same dozen! If you want a breakfast-themed coloring page (how meta of you), you can always morph the donut on the bottom into a bagel with cream cheese — which is yet another breakfast hero. Can you guess what donuts were originallt called? The answer is olykoeks, which translates to oily cakes. It eventually evolved into the word donut after a woman baked hers with nuts in it.

Donut Page No. 4

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Want to try to color in a chocolate-dipped donut? This page could prove to be a great opportunity. Go crazy with colors on these two donuts, and think of your wildest flavor opportunities. Half blackberry and half lemon? Ooh, what about peanut butter and jelly? With donut coloring pages, anything is possible.

Donut Page No. 5

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Honestly, this donut coloring page would look incredible even if you just used a handful of desk highlighters to fill it. If most of your work is still remote, your highlighters from work will appreciate this new purpose.

Donut Page No. 6

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There’s something very comforting about these donuts. Maybe they came from the shop by your grandmother’s house, or perhaps they’re the donuts you picked up after church as a kid. Pay tribute to this sense of nostalgia by using mellow colors. A light beige may be all you need for the one on the left, while the right donut would look truly stunning with a pale pink frosting.

Donut Page No. 7

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This basic yet intriguingly abstract version of a donut feels perfect for getting kids’ creative juices flowing. As it’s primarily glaze-based, it’s the type of donut that would look particularly tasty dripping with a rich color.

Donut Page No. 8

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Let this donut coloring page be a reminder that donuts are not one-dimensional. Is it really any wonder that people have been waxing poetic about these treats for centuries? Washington Irving (the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) first described them, calling the pastry “balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog’s fat, and called doughnuts, or olykoeks.”

Donut Page No. 9

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A donut for me, and a donut for you! If you’re into outer space, you can make the donut on the left look absolutely cosmic with celestial-style colors. Try reading some Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes out loud for creative inspiration!

Donut Page No. 10

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The last donut coloring page may seem simple, but it might actually be the most fun due to its enlarged details. Challenge yourself to turn this donut into a rainbow. Make the sprinkles mini-rainbows. Alternatively, you could give this donut a 4th of July theme by making the sprinkles red, white, and blue.

Donut Page No. 11

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Fun fact: In France, doughnuts used to be called “nun farts.” They were made a little differently than American doughnuts, and were more like sweet circular fritters. They were called pets de nonne in French, which translated to the funny phrase “nun’s farts.”

Donut Page No. 12

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This little critter looks like he loves donuts just as much as the rest of us. What’s your favorite place to get donuts? Did you know that before American ran on Dunkin’, it was first owned by the British and then the French?

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