12 Quick Breakfast Ideas And Recipes To Make During Quarantine

12 Yummy And Quick Breakfast Ideas And Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

March 23, 2020 Updated April 1, 2020

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Even though parents may not want (read: have time for) breakfast in the morning, we know that we probably should put something on the table for the kids. And while it’s tempting to just tell them to help themselves to cereal or a banana, they may get tired of this after a while and end up skipping the alleged “most important meal of the day” too. This could mean that they end up getting something else before lunch that may not be healthy. Obviously, all this is so much more complicated now that parents and kids are at home because of coronavirus social distancing.

But never fear: we’re here with 12 quick and simple breakfast recipes that your kids will actually want to eat. Heck, you’ll want some too — in addition to your giant vat of coffee of course. Whether you and your family are more savory people than sweet people (when it comes to breakfast, of course) here are 12 quick, easy, kid-friendly breakfast recipes you’ll want to make all the time.

1. Homemade Granola

Get back to your crunchy roots with this delicious homemade granola. Once you make this easy breakfast granola recipe you’ll be able to use in however you want for the rest of the week: as a topping for yogurt, smoothies, cereal, or fruit. Best of all, you can customize the flavor so it’s exactly what your family likes.

2. Peanut Toast

OK, we know what you’re thinking: everyone knows about peanut butter toast. But this incredibly quick and easy breakfast deserves a mention. Just grab some healthy bread (with as many grains and nuts as your kids will allow), toast it, and spread on some natural peanut butter (or again, whatever kind your kid will eat). Top with raisins or bananas for an added layer of flavor.

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3. Energy Protein Peanut Butter Balls

While we’re on the subject of peanut butter, here’s another great recipe that is basically a dessert. With only five ingredients, these protein peanut butter ball couldn’t be simpler to make (well, there’s that peanut butter toast…) and the kids will gobble them up and you’ll seem like the cool mom who lets her children have dessert for breakfast.

4. Banana Chocolate Muffins

Who says no to a muffin? Even if you are short on time, you can grab one of these banana chocolate muffins and head out the door. They’re also great for a mid-afternoon snack.

5. Green Eggs and Ham ‘Wiches

By now, you’ve probably read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss a million times, and that’s the perfect way to get your kids excited about these green eggs and ham ‘wiches. And don’t worry, the green comes from arugula, not mold (this time).

6. Tropical Oatmeal

The words “tropical” and “oatmeal” aren’t usually next to each other, but it’s the perfect description for this dish. Featuring pineapple, ginger, and walnuts, this tropical oatmeal comes together quickly and packs a flavor punch.

7. Berry-Tofu Vegan Smoothie

OK, so that’s not how you’re going to sell it to the kids, but this berry smoothie (just go with that) is very nutritious, and yes, very delicious, too.

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8. Spinach and Prosciutto Frittata Muffins

Make these simple spinach and prosciutto frittata muffins on a Sunday and reheat them throughout the week for a super-fast breakfast with plenty of protein.

9. Overnight Oats

If a hot oatmeal breakfast isn’t your thing, try a sweet, cold bowl of overnight oats. These are endlessly customizable and you can make a big batch that could last you the full week.

10. Pumpkin-Cherry Breakfast Cookies

Here’s another easy breakfast recipe that you can make once and have enough pumpkin-cherry cookies to last the week. The kids will love the idea of eating cookies for breakfast, but joke’s on them because they’re healthy (mwahahaha).

11. Avocado and Egg Toast

Did you honestly think we’d get through this list without a shout out to avocado toast? This super simple version involves spreading some mashed-up avocado on some toast and topping it with a fried egg. That’s it.

12. Quick and Easy Banana Bread

This family favorite does take a little more time to make, but you can make multiple loaves of this easy banana bread recipe at a time and freeze a few so they’ll be ready to go when you want them next.