Looking For Fun? These 12 Duck Coloring Pages Fit The Bill

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Duck Coloring Pages
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Ducks are funny and fascinating creatures if you really think about them. First of all, just look at them — those webbed toes, their bills, the way they waddle! There are 12 different species of duck out there, with the mallard being the most common. Worldwide, ducks live on every continent except Antarctica. And they’re the perfect reminder of spring, as they often like to hang out in local lakes on sunny days. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always allow you to get outside and squeeze in some QT with these fine feathered friends. To solve that quack, er, quagmire, we created a collection of duck coloring pages that make an ideal at-home activity for kids.

Duck coloring pages can be a ton of fun since these waterfowl look good in any hue. Even if you’re going for a realistic interpretation of a duck, you have plenty of great color options. Male ducks can be red, white, and gray. If you wanted to create American Black Ducks, you might want to get out the dark brown, yellow, and green to make these pages even closer to what you’d find in nature. The Mandarin Duck gets credit for being the most colorful duck of all — each one literally looks like a painting, with gorgeous green, blue, orange, maroon, and white feathers.

Of course, you could jazz up any one of these duck coloring pages with sparkly markers, pastel colors, or anything you have on hand. So, you get the point, right? Go duck wild with these 10 duck coloring pages! And when your little one finishes ’em, they can paddle on over to our fish coloring pages, flamingo coloring pages, and turtle coloring pages.

Free Duck Coloring Pages

Duck No. 1

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This happy duck seems so glad that it’s spring. It’s always fun to have a coloring page that includes a background. That way, you can use your imagination. What color are the flowers in the water? Is something hiding behind those cattails? It’s all up to you. Fun fact: Some ducks eat gravel and small stones to help them break down their food easier.

Duck No. 2

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If you need a simple duck for beginners, this is your guy. You could leave it white to slightly resemble a swan. Ducks and swans happen to get along very well — they’re all part of the bird family Anatidae. So, you can even expand this coloring page by drawing other ducks (or swans) nearby. For beginners who are just learning their way around a Crayola, this is a solid introductory page.

Duck No. 3

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This duck greatly resembles a mallard, which may be the first species of duck that comes to mind. If that’s the direction you want to take, you have even more color options. While male mallards are known for colorful feathers, they malt their green, black, red, and white feathers in favor of brown ones during the summer. Why? Doing so reportedly helps them blend in more and evade predators. Hey, the more you know!

Duck No. 4

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Could this duck family be any sweeter? You probably already know that baby ducks are called ducklings. But did you realize an adult male duck is known as a drake, while an adult female is a hen or duck? And when ducks hang out together in a group, it’s referred to as a raft, team, or paddling. Baby ducks are just the cutest thing! They will follow their mamas almost half a mile to find a sufficient water source.

Duck No. 5

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Remember the duck and swan discussion from earlier? Well, these are probably more swans than ducks. But, they still count — since again, they very frequently share the pond. In fact, there are 140 to 75 birds in the Anatidae family, including ducks and swans. Regardless of the identity of these two, it’s clear that they’re in love. But ducks aren’t really the romantic type. They’re usually monogamous for the breeding season, but they match with a new mate each year.

Duck No. 6

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This mother duck is ready to welcome some ducklings! Spring is all about renewal and birth, so this picture fits right in with the season. You can have fun coloring the eggs, too. Most duck eggs are either white or blue, but there’s no harm in making them even more special. They can even be Easter eggs if you want. And fun fact: Ducks are actually pretty silent creatures. Of course, they quack, but most of the time they often make squeaky, chirping, and growling noises.

Duck No. 7

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Many toddlers will recognize this duck very well, as it makes cameo appearances in their bathtub every night. A bright yellow will make this duck shine. Don’t be afraid to give him props, like a top hat or even a monocle. Both will make this rubber duckie look far more debonair. And did you know ducks have excellent eyesight? They have 340-degree vision and see objects both near and far at the same time! They also have three eyelids and can see in color.

Duck No. 8

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These abstract ducks already have a ton of personality, so they probably don’t need a rainbow of colors to bring it out. That said, this pair would look great in bold yellows and blues. And contrary to popular belief, a duck’s quack echoes!

Duck No. 9

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Talk about scenery! This picture will offer up hours of fun for anyone who wants to break in their colored pencils. It’s hard not to be charmed by this duck, so we’d probably fill her in right away. What would you color first: The duck, the cottage, the tree, the snails, the flowers, the pond, or the boat full of juicy apples?

Duck No. 10

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These three ducks look like they’re ready to fly south for the winter. They’re waving goodbye to summer and fall but will be back soon for mating season.

Duck No. 11

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If your kid loves ducks, they’ll adore Daffy Duck. This Looney Tunes animal is the third most popular Looney Tunes character. Did you know Daffy didn’t originally have a lisp and Elmer Fudd was created to be his enemy?

Duck No. 12

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Who’s your favorite Duck? How about Donald Duck? The sailor-dressed Duck may look young, but he’s actually been in the limelight for more than 90 years. And did you know that he even has a middle name? It’s Fauntleroy!

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