11 Eagle Coloring Pages To Share With Your Talon-ted Kid

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Eagle Coloring Pages
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Are there any animals out there in the world mightier and nobler than the eagle? While eagles can vary in size, they’re still known as enormous birds. And while you probably know that bald eagles are symbolic to the United States, did you know 60 eagle species exist? No? Well, don’t worry — our collection of eagle coloring pages will help you learn all about these majestic birds. Bonus: They’re a ton of fun.

We definitely recommend breaking out these eagle coloring pages for kids on patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July. However, since eagles are pretty fascinating year-round, they’re appropriate to color whenever you feel inspired. Or anytime you need an easy at-home activity for the little ones so you can enjoy 20 minutes of peace.

With that said, give these 10 great eagle pages a try. And when you’re ready for more coloring fun, soar on over to our other avian printables. We’ve got duck coloring pages, peacock coloring pages, chicken coloring pages, owl coloring pages, parrot coloring pages, and even flamingo coloring pages.

Free Printable Eagle Coloring Pages

Eagle No. 1

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This eagle looks quite friendly. If it invited you over to its house for dinner, chances are you’d be eating a lot of fish — as that’s a big part of an eagle’s diet! This coloring page seems to be a bald eagle, meaning it’d look amazing with a dark brown body and white head. Fun fact: Eagles aren’t born with a curved beak. It becomes more bent as they get older.

Eagle No. 2

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You wanna piece of me? This eagle looks like it’s ready to fight. Or maybe it’s showing off its confidence being on the top of the food chain. If you’re wondering if bald eagles are dangerous to humans, don’t worry too much. They may get a little territorial during their mating season, but they should be of no actual threat as long as you give them plenty of space. And did you know America isn’t the only country that has an eagle as their national bird? The official bird of the Philippines is the Philippine eagle.

Eagle No. 3

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This eagle is off on a mission, and you can tell his confidence is overflowing. Consider coloring this eagle in a rich blue or even a daring red for a change of pace. After all, he kind of looks like he could be a team mascot, doesn’t he? Fun fact: Eagles reach full maturation at just 12 weeks old. Talk about growing up fast!

Eagle No. 4

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Are you a minimalist? Well, if you want to make this a realistic bald eagle, the paper is doing much of the work for you. That said, you can also try shading this eagle’s head in a light lavender or pink to help soften it up.

Eagle No. 5

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Now, this is a great eagle that could also double as a tattoo in case you’re looking for some ink inspiration. This coloring page is noble and offers plenty of chances for bright, vibrant colors within the feathers. Shading them in from dark to light will make this drawing even more magnificent. Did you know eagles can also swim? Sometimes when they’ve swooped down to grab a large fish, they have to paddle to shore to eat it.

Eagle No. 6

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Want to color a majestic eagle? This one looks beautiful while swooping down to hunt for its prey. Aside from fish, eagles also often munch on smaller birds and small mammals. Some of the bigger eagles prey on animals like monkeys or sloths.

Eagle No. 7

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This eagle looks like a softer, reverse version of the Philadelphia Eagles logo. Yet, not identical. Consider this to be the logo’s cousin, and color it in the team’s various colors — dark green, black, charcoal, and silver. And don’t forget to mark your calendars! Jan. 10 is Save the Eagle Day!

Eagle No. 8

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Well, we’re not going to lie — this eagle doesn’t look like the friendliest dude around. But maybe he’s just keenly surveying his surroundings. Of all the eagle senses, their sight is the strongest. An eagle’s vision is about four to five times stronger than ours!

Eagle No. 9

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How old do you think this eagle is? Bald eagles in the wild typically live to be 20 to 30 years of age, although some eagles in captivity have lived up to 50 years.

Eagle No. 10

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Eagles are fantastic observers. Remember that fact about an eagle’s incredible eyesight? They can see something the size of a rabbit up to three miles away. So, who knows what this eagle spots from high above?

Eagle No. 11

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The terrifying earthy scream you usually hear in movies as the camera pans over an eagle isn’t how they really sound. Eagles actually have a very dull sounding cry that is sometimes dubbed over using a red-tailed hawk’s caw instead.

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