18 Cute And Easy Kids Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Like A SuperParent

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Dealing with your kid’s messy head in the morning might feel like another exhausting chore in a never-ending list of things to do. While it seems lower on the priority list than, you know, making sure they don’t go to school in their pajamas, it’s still a big deal. And some days, the lazy ponytail just doesn’t cut it. If you have an outspoken child in your home, it’s possible they’ve already expressed as much to you.

Admittedly, the ludicrous number of steps in some “easy” kids’ hairdo videos might leave you exasperated. Like, who has time to use 14 tiny hair ties to turn their kid’s bedhead into a total work of art? Um, not us. Probably not you either. You don’t have to feel doomed to be the mom who can only pull off the most basic hairstyles, though. There are definitely some great hairstyles that are just a little bit more work than the sloppy morning ponytail, but easy enough for even the most hair-averse parent to master.

Some good tricks to remember for these easy hairstyles: have a spray bottle with water or a kid-friendly hair product around to make your little one’s hair easier to work with, and use a good comb and brush. Also, this may be a good time for screen time or some other consuming task that won’t have your kid moving too much. It won’t matter how easy the hairstyle is to pull off if your kid is kicking and screaming the entire time (we’ve all been there).

Now on to the hair!

More than your average ponytail ponytails:

We assume you know how to tie your average ponytail. But here are fun ways to make it pop!

High ponytail

Take you regular ol’ ponytail and bring it higher for a funkier look. Add a fun scrunchie or a bow for a little extra color.

Sideways ponytail

A cute scrunchie or hairband will upgrade this quintessential 80s hairdo, while a plain hairband will give it a bit of a classic look. Make sure to use a comb to get that hair up though!

Piggyback side ponytail

Make a bunch of little connected ponytails that then connect into a large side pony. This hairstyle is super cute and an opportunity to use a bunch of colorful hairbands. It’s a bit more intricate, but it’s a great hairdo for picture day or a special occasion. The following is a great video demo of the piggyback ponytails.

Hair-wrapped ponytail

This fun hairstyle just uses a section of wrapped hair for a slightly more stylish and refined ponytail that stays together longer. You will either need bobby pins to keep the hairstyle in place or a topsy tail tool. Here’s a tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles:

Half updo

A half updo is super simple to do. You can even make it deliberately messy and fun.

Buns, buns, buns!

Buns are great! They keep your kid’s hair out of their face, and if secured with some bobby pins, will definitely last the day.

High bun

Here’s a great video for how to do a stylish high bun:

Two buns

If you know the principle for a high or low bun, just divide your kid’s hair into two and do one on each side. Et voila! Adorable.

Ballerina bun

Tie the hair into a ponytail and you can use a bun maker hair ring to make this cute bun. Make a ponytail and then wrap the hair around your bun maker. You can then twist the remaining hair into the bun as is or make a cute braid. An adorable bow really seals the deal, as you can see below:

Hair bow bun

There’s a lot of ways to achieve this really adorable hairstyle! Get a lot of bobby pins to keep it up.

Braids time!

Braids are where things can get tricky, but they don’t have to! Here are some easier braid styles that won’t have you exasperated when you lose that strand again.

A simple braid with a twist

You may already know how to do a simple braid, but if you tie your hair into a ponytail first and then do the classic dutch braid. You can add a cute ribbon on the bottom or top. If you don’t, however, know how to braid hair yet (we never judge!) here’s a tutorial:

The simple braid upgraded

This great video from Learn Do Hairstyles teaches you how to upgrade the simple three strand braid by adding (or subtracting) strands:

Pull-through braid

Looking to add some color to your kid’s braids? Try this fun and pretty easy style from LittleGirlHair:

Diamond braid:

This is another fun braid style that uses colorful bands. You do a half up hair do then divide it into two braids. You then tie them with colorful bands into a diamond shape in the manner demonstrated in this excellent Two Little Girls Hairstyles video:

Braided hair wrapped ponytail:

This hair wrapped ponytail incorporates a beautiful braid. Princess hairstyles have a great tutorial on how to achieve this look:

Braided buns

Split your kid’s hair into two simple braids then wrap each into a bun with a hairband. Voila! Add a cute pin for more color.

More difficult braids for when you’re ready:

French braid

A French braid will definitely hold together much longer than a regular braid, and is worth the extra effort. Here’s an excellent video that will slowly explain to you how to master this slightly more challenging ‘do. It may be hard to get a hang of at first but it’s definitely worth sticking with for style and longevity!

Side french braid:

Once you’ve mastered the French braid, you can try a side French braid by starting the same hairstyle from the right or left side of the head.

French braid crown

If you’ve mastered the French braid, why not try the French braid crown? It’s a bobby pin free style that’s perfect for that special occasion. Here’s a great tutorial:

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