The Elevator Game Might Just Be The Creepiest Thing Ever

The Elevator Game — What To Know And Why You Shouldn’t Play

May 11, 2020 Updated May 18, 2020

Daan Stevens/Unsplash

Why do people love to scare themselves? Everyone loves an adrenaline rush. The currently trendy (but certainly not new) way people are getting their hearts racing outside of Halloween is with a game called “The Elevator Game” or “Elevator To Another World.” The game seems to have originated in Korea and seems creepy as hell. If you follow the rules carefully a couple things may happen. You might meet a woman (who will enter the elevator and who you should apparently ignore at all costs) and, if you get off on the 10th floor, you might enter another world.

Listen: Elevators are relatively safe inventions. They’re meant to go up and down in all kinds of orders with numerous stops. Playing this game probably isn’t putting any extraordinary stress on the elevator. That said, you’ll be in the elevator for an extended period of time and that always comes with greater risk — what if there’s a fire or the power goes out? An elevator is the last place you’ll want to be.

Plus, honestly, playing this game just creates a nuisance for people who actually need to use the elevator to go about their business. Also, on the off chance this crap is real, why on Earth do you want to summon ghosts or enter creepy other worlds? We don’t advise playing. However, if you’re curious, these are the rules according to multiple sources and creepy game sites, but with special attention to The Ghost In My Machine (because they didn’t include any creepy pictures).

Needed To Play:

-One player. (There are conflicting reports on if this can be played with others. One set of instructions we found says that you can, but to keep in mind that if anyone quits mid-ride, you have to start from the beginning.)
-A 10 story building with at least one elevator.

How To Play:

Getting To The Other World

1. Enter the elevator alone. (Or with your friends, but no one else.) Do not get out on any of the floors. If any outsiders get on the elevator, you’ll need to start over.
2. Proceed to the fourth floor.
3. Descend to the second floor.
4. Proceed to the sixth floor.
5. Return to the second floor.
6. Ascend to the tenth floor.
7. Return to the fifth floor.
When you reach the fifth floor, it’s then that people report encountering a young woman. You’re instructed not to look at or interact with her. She may or may not try talking to you, asking for help or antagonizing you.
8. Press the button for the first floor. Two things might happen.
– If the elevator descends to the first floor, exit immediately and do not look back or speak.
– If the elevator starts to go up, you’ve been allowed into the Other World. When you reach the tenth floor, things might look slightly different. No one else will be there. The power might be out. Some players claim to look out windows and see only a red cross in the distance. If you choose to exit the elevator, you should ignore the woman’s attempts to question or stop you.

Returning From The Other World

-If you choose to stay in the elevator and not explore, just press the button for the first floor and return home. You might have to keep pressing the button to get it to work.

-If you choose to get off the elevator and explore, there are a few rules to follow in order to properly return to your home world.

  1. You must use the same elevator you used to arrive.
  2. Follow steps 2-7, finishing on the fifth floor. (Floor sequence 4-2-6-2-10-5.)
  3. When you reach the fifth floor, press the button to return to the first floor. The elevator will attempt to return to the 10th floor, instead. Begin pressing other floor numbers to stop the elevator before you reach the tenth floor. Proceed to the first floor, again.
  4. Upon reaching the first floor, check your surroundings. If anything seems off, even the smallest detail, do not get off the elevator. Repeat step 2 until things look normal. Once you’re confident you’ve returned to the “real world,” exit the elevator.