Ellen Surprises Girl Who Had Her 'Perfect Attendance Pencil' Stolen

by Christina Marfice
Little girl smiling on ellen's shpw

Is there anyone better at surprises than Ellen DeGeneres?

If there is anyone in the world who deserves to be the reigning queen of surprises, it’s Ellen DeGeneres. She’s become very well known for surprising just about every guest on her show with something super epic, like when she introduced a little girl with a big crush to her true “love,” Adam Levine. Or when she sent a 6-year-old Panthers fan with cancer to the Super Bowl. Or, more recently, when she awarded a $20,000 scholarship to a teen who was barred from walking in his own high school graduation ceremony because he refused to cut off his dreadlocks.

Well, Ellen is at it again.

You may have seen a recent viral video of a little girl named Taylor, who was explaining to the camera about how one of her classmates shamelessly stole her Perfect Attendance Pencil. Taylor earned that pencil, but Lizzie stole it, and Lizzie could not have been entitled to a Perfect Attendance Pencil, because she went to Canada. Honestly, Lizzie, the audacity.

Though this was obviously a pretty serious slight, Taylor took it in stride. She was upset, of course, but she graciously allowed that no-good, pencil stealing Lizzie to use her special pencil until lunch time, proving that she’s kinder and more empathetic than many grown adults. The adorable video caught Ellen’s attention, and she invited Taylor onto her show to talk about the Great Pencil War of 2020.

Though it’s never revealed whether Taylor got her pencil back, she doesn’t even need it anymore, because Ellen gave her a way better one. At the end of the segment, Taylor is surprised by the gift of an absolutely giant pencil, pink and adorned with rainbows like her Perfect Attendance Pencil had been, and stamped with “Property of Taylor.” Lizzies of the world, take note.

Ellen also surprised Taylor with some gifts for the rest of her class, including lots of colorful pencils and other classroom supplies, so maybe they won’t feel the need to steal the prettiest pencils from those who have earned them. These new pencils are no Perfect Attendance Pencils, but at least they’re not plain and yellow.

And finally, at the end of the show, Ellen called Taylor back onstage to give her one last surprise: A $10,000 scholarship so she can study to achieve her dream of being a science teacher. If there’s anyone out there who’s better at surprises than that, we’re gonna need to see it to believe it.