Elmo's Feud With Zoe's Pet Rock Is The Laugh You Need Today

Sesame Street/Getty

When it feels like everything in the world is bad, take comfort in Elmo f*cking hating Zoe’s pet rock

If you’ve ever been a parent to young children, chances are, you’re very familiar with Sesame Street, which has been teaching kids big, important lessons since its debut in 1969. One episode from all the way back in 2004 has gone viral on Twitter this week, igniting a social media feud between two of the series’ main Muppets, Elmo and Zoe. In the clip, shared by Twitter user @wumbooty (LOL), Elmo can be seen getting straight-up irked over his pal Zoe trying to give the last remaining oatmeal raisin cookie to Rocco, her pet rock.

The episode, aptly titled, “Elmo Feels He’s Treated Unfairly by Rocco” sees Zoe asking Elmo and Gabi if Rocco can join their playdate. Meant to be a lesson about learning to share and include others, Elmo apparently gets so annoyed by Rocco’s presence that he starts totally losing his cool — trust us, you will not be able to contain yourself from laughing.

Elmo is big mad that a pet rock is trying to take his favorite cookie. “Rocco’s a rock, Zoe. Rocco won’t know the difference,” he retorts when Zoe says that Rocco really wants the cookie. “How is Rocco going to eat that cookie, Zoe?” he asks, adding, “Rocco doesn’t have a mouth! Rocco’s just a rock!”

Shortly thereafter, other clips featuring Elmo vs. Rocco began going viral, featuring Elmo in various stages of anger over the mere presence of this rock.



The funny feud grew so quickly that Elmo himself had to take to Twitter to address the controversy, and while Elmo made it clear he’s still “best buds forever” with Zoe, he simply does not want to talk about you-know-who.

Of course, sassy Elmo has been making viewers laugh literally since the late ’70s, which is wild since he’s only three and a half years old. But his recent internet fame actually began last month, when parents started noticing some of his hilarious vocal changes on the show, including the delightful way he sings “paper towel roll” during a 2020 episode featuring guest Hailee Steinfeld.

There’s also the clip of him during a cooking segment saying “balsamic vinegar,” before adding, “That’s a big word for Elmo.”

In recent years, Elmo has been voiced by voice actors Kevin Clash and Ryan Dillon, who are from Baltimore and Philadelphia, respectively. So far, there’s been no word from Zoe or Rocco’s camp about the ongoing feud, but it truly seems like Elmo has had it up to here with their antics. Zoe, girl, quit the nonsense. Let Elmo have his cookie please.