2 Dads 2 Twins

TikTok Dads Share Their Journey To Fatherhood With Twins

The pair reveal their difficult experiences in becoming fathers via surrogacy.

‘2 Dads 2 Twins’ TikTok stars share their joy after a complicated path to fatherhood.
2 Dads 2 Twins / TikTok

It wouldn’t be a true Father’s Day weekend without a healthy dose of BDE: best dad energy. TikTok stars Adam Motz and Amadou “Tee” Lam recently sat down with TODAY Parents, to share their journey to fatherhood after becoming notable influencers on the social media platform with a following of over 200,000 followers.

Known as “2 Dads 2 Twins” on TikTok, the “gay dads raising babies" document their lives with their twin girls, Reve Christine and Sky Khoudia, who are 10 months old.

“It’s like a scrapbook of some of our most cherished moments, and the fact that people are connecting with it makes it even more meaningful,” Motz, 34, shared.

The couple, who met on a dating app in 2015, shared that they did not want to waste time in the baby-making department. “I knew I wanted to have kids, but Adam made it clear that he needed to be married first. My clock was ticking and I wanted to be young enough to enjoy kids. My back already hurts!” said Lam, 40.

Though they were initially open to all forms of conceiving or becoming parents, (IVF, surrogacy, or adoption) they opted for surrogacy and cashed in on an old promise made by a childhood friend named Amy Priester. To Adam’s delight, Amy remembered the promise and kept her word. After confirming their egg donor, they turned to Lam’s friend, Ayaa Khepri, to be their gestational carrier, to which she happily obliged.

Can we applaud this friend group? They are ride or die.

Using the in vitro process, the couple fertilized two of Amy’s eggs, one with Adam’s sperm, and the other with Amadou’s.

However, they ran into a roadblock when they were notified their insurance would not fully cover the procedure.

"The reason (a BCBS representative) gave was because we were a male-male couple,” Motz revealed. The couple then filed a discrimination complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights, and Blue Cross Blue Shield agreed to pay $11,000 to settle the claim.

Soup to nuts, the dads dished out $100,000.

However, money became no object when the girls were born in August, and the fathers paid tribute to both of their mothers when naming the duo.

You can keep up with “2 Dads 2 Twins” on TikTok, where their latest adventures include working remotely while parenting.