TikTok Grandma Shares Why She Respects The Way Her Kid Parents

The grandmother went viral explaining why she doesn’t overstep when it comes to how her children choose to parent.

A grandmother's TikTok just went viral after she explained why she asks her kids the rules for when ...
@gwenith_rachelle / TikTok

Gwenith Rachele, a self-described “Mom of 5 & Grammy to 1,” caught the attention of the world with her recent TikTok discussing the way grandparents respond to boundaries set by their kids. The mom of five addressed another trending video on TikTok that shows a grandmother charged with babysitting her grandchild reads a list of instructions, captioning it “Instructions, really!!??” The intro to Rihanna’s song “Take A Bow,” plays in the background, which has an opening line that says “You look so dumb right now.”

While she admitted that the creator of the video had since addressed the controversy by saying it was a joke, the grandmother went on to explain her perspective on it. While bouncing her grandson on her knee, she shares, “So I do this with son and daughter-in-law when I watch my grandson. I ask them for their instructions, on his, you know, when he needs his bottles, what foods, um, anything I ask permission because I respect them as parents.”

“I think there’s no quicker way to disrespect your grown adult children than to, kinda have that mentality of, ‘I had kids so I know what I’m doing.’ You know what? I’ve had a baby, five of them, and I still ask my son and daughter-in-law, one, for permission, two, for you know, his routine schedule, what they want [to be] done with them, what they don’t, it’s just a respect thing,” she says.

Gwenith ends the video by proclaiming, “I really don’t think that it’s good to belittle your children.”

The grandmom has a following of over 53,000 followers, and the post achieved 1.6 million likes, and over 36,000 comments. Moms who simply have had enough with their parents and in-laws not taking their demands seriously flooded the comments, applauding the grandmother for her perspective.

One commenter shared, “Sooooo...the big question is — how to send this to my mother-in-law, without actually sending it.”

Another said, “more grandparents like her, PLEASE!”

Many acknowledged that instructions are necessary because simply, times have changed. Another commenter shared, “Everything has changed since my parents had me! I’m so glad they both ask me questions when babysitting and take all the ‘learning babysitting’ well.”

Is there anything better than a grandparent who offers to babysit AND respects boundaries? I think not.