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‘American Girl’ Launches Family-Friendly Podcast Network

There are three shows to check out: American Girl 10-Minute Mysteries, American Girl Fanclub, and The Smart Girls Podcast

Two dolls are shown hosting a podcast — American Girl is launching a new podcast network.
American Girl

It’s official, my inner nine-year-old girl is so excited. The American Girl family is blessing us with a new way to enjoy their stories, and that’s on their new podcast network.

The children’s publisher and Mattel partner recently launched the American Girl Podcast Network, which is “rooted in the brand’s popular stories, characters, and real-world advice to connect and entertain girls, their parents, and the entire fan community over their shared love of all things “AG,” the official statement shared.

The podcast will be free of ads and play with different formats and themes, portraying creative storytelling that is created for “sparking imaginations and a love of reading.”

The network will debut the following three original shows: American Girl 10-Minute Mysteries, American Girl Fanclub, and The Smart Girls Podcast.

Scary Mommy asked Jamie Cygielman, the General Manager for American Girl, what the inspo was for this idea, and she shared, “Many of our fans are now young adults or even parents themselves, [and] there’s been a powerful resurgence of nostalgic love for all things AG among our fans of all ages. The American Girl Podcast Network is another unique way for us to entertain and connect with our multi-generational fanbase whenever and wherever they are.”

She also shares that they plan to add more podcasts in the future, as the brand hopes to “create a growing network of shows that bring the brand’s rich history of content, stories, and community to life.”

American Girl

While American Girl believes their content markets to all ages, Cygielman shares that the podcast is ideal for “young listeners (and their parents!) to listen to at bedtime or during carpool,” and “tween/teen-specific content for listeners who want to learn about themselves, their bodies, and emotions in an inclusive, informational way.”

Most notably known as collectible dolls, we asked Jamie if its stories hold as much importance as the dolls themselves, and she quickly replied, “Absolutely.”

She goes on to explain, “American Girl stories have always been at the heart of what we do and have been the brand’s greatest differentiator in the marketplace for over three decades. Stories are also how we’ve been able to extend American Girl into so many new categories, like live theater, television movies, feature films, and now our very own podcast network.”

While describing the teams' creative process and vision, Cygielman shares, “When we look to tell a story today, we know traditional print is still an important piece of the learning process and, at the same time, we can translate our popular series to new digital platforms, like our popular YouTube channel with nearly 700K subscribers and on social (like Insta or TikTok), where we can bring our characters to life in animation, music videos, and more.”

“We’ve also just announced two new live-action specials with HBO Max and Cartoon Network that will bring our characters to life on screen, the first being our 2022 Girl of the Year debuting this December,” she adds.

Is anyone else living for the visuals of our favorite girls taking on the world?!

You can tune into the American Girl Podcast now on all streaming platforms, as well as watch their new series on their YouTube Channel.